"A Crazy Thought" Now Live On Seed & Spark Tackles Youth Mental Health

Award-winning all Female Filmmaker Team Starts New Conversation about Youth Mental Health With New Docuseries.

Parkland–a tragedy on so many levels–opens us up to an opportunity to looking at youth mental health through a new lens.”

— Jamie Weil

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A Crazy Thought is a groundbreaking new docuseries by Northern California Writer/Producer Jamie Weil. The series, currently in production, intends to lead a new conversation about youth mental health by sharing personal stories of both traditional and non-traditional approaches that have worked for real young people. Team ACT will share methods that are low-cost, free, and inspiring, with the goal not to be prescriptive. Rather, the vision is to gather hope and help into one non-overwhelming place. In this way, we can step into conversation and bring brain illness to the fore.

“We are at an extremist time in the US. With that extremity, comes polarization, but also a collective energy as we saw in the iGen reaction to the Parkland tragedy,” says Weil. “Parkland–a tragedy on so many levels–opens us up to an opportunity to looking at youth mental health through a new lens. This receptivity opens new space to talk about brain illness in a reimagined way.”

Steered by an award-winning all female filmmaker team and hitting the ground just two weeks before Mental Health Awareness month, A Crazy Thought will drive a 30 day tribe-building campaign on the crowdfunding platform http://www.SeedandSpark.com, a platform with a high success rate in indie film.

The goal is to bring awareness to the voice of the parent, the youth, and the teachers and to look at what’s working so families and communities can replicate that. The vision is to take the docuseries to teacher in-service, high schools, and University speaker series to open up the conversation surrounding brain illness and suicide.

“My personal journey has shown me the statistics are much higher than they seem. I spend so many hours with desperate parents trying to find help for their child—or even worse, recovering from the grief of suicide after their child has completed suicide. I want to change that. We will change that,” says Weil.

A Crazy Thought will be released for free online in increments so that all people have access to these solutions from their devices.To support Team ACT's tribe-building and the crowdfunding campaign, as well as learn more about the docuseries, please visit http://www.SupportACrazyThought.com

Shasta/Tehama tie-in: The Shasta County/Tehama County region of California, a rural region of California reacting to perceived lack of resources, is reflective of many rural areas in the country. Filmmakers will cover inspiring student programs at one of the region’s highest risk population schools on May 2nd for Mental Health Awareness month to start new conversations. Local press will receive a follow-up release with specific details–or you may call producer for more information if you’re a planner.

About the team:

Jamie Weil, Producer/Writer
A Northern California “unattached” mental health advocate for 25 years, and the author of the upcoming young adult novel, First Break, Jamie became an advocate after personal experience with her own children, both as a parent and as a teacher.

Katheryne KTEE Thomas, Co-Producer
Hollywood critically-acclaimed filmmaker with over 45 credits including the documentary The Principle, brings over fifteen years in mass media integration, new media content producer and promotion management to the team.

Betsy Chasse, Co-Producer
A Southern California award-winning filmmaker most notable for her work in What the Bleep Do We Know, Song of the New Earth, and Pregnant in America, brings over twenty five years of experience in documentary filmmaking to the team.

Sharon Weil, Consultant
NYU Film School graduate and author of fiction and non-fiction books, Sharon has been a director, producer, editor, and writer of film, television and original theater productions. She is a regular podcaster in Southern California on change.

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Source: EIN Presswire