Cheri Bustos (D. 17th IL) calls for a criminal investigation of Bret Kavanaugh

Rep. US Congress 17th ILL

Cheri Bustos (D. 17th IL) and democratic party leader, calls for an unconstitutional criminal investigation of Bret Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee.

Get ready America, Cheri Bustos is a Globalist propaganda machine in the David Brock/Debbie Wasserman mold, only slicker.”

— Bill Fawell

GALENA, ILLINOIS, USA, October 5, 2018 / —
“Congresswoman Cheri Bustos has called for an unconstitutional criminal investigation of Bret Kavanaugh in an interview on Fox News,” stated Bill Fawell, Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District Illinois. “It’s classic Bustos propaganda machine nonsense, she’s just taking it to a higher level of deceit.”

In an interview with a Fox News TV reporter, Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, called for the Bret Kavanaugh Senatorial Supreme Court hearings to be elevated to a criminal investigation.

“This is how propaganda works,” Fawell revealed, “and Cheri is putting her communications degree to work by bending words like “truth” and using it as a pry bar to elevate the legal hearing process of our United States Constitution to seat a Supreme Court Justice into an unconstitutional criminal proceeding. It’s called Double Speak, saying one thing while promoting a personal agenda.”

Bustos, a protégé of Senator Dick Durban who is her godfather, currently represents the 17th Congressional District in Illinois and has declared herself a candidate for a higher democratic leadership post in the House if re-elected.

“Cheri represents the democratic party and not the people of the 17th District,” Fawell said. “She was elected through nepotism and a gerrymandered redistricting in 2012 by two life time politicians, Dick Durban and Mike Madigan. She paints herself as a Midwestern but is a Globalist, supporting the Obama administrations Iran deal delivering a $5 billion dollar bribe to Iran. In her entire political career from a councilwoman in East Moline to Congress Cheri Bustos has voted for every tax increase that has come before her. Now she wants to be the next Nancy Pelosi.”

“Get ready America,” Fawell warned. “Cheri Bustos is a Globalist propaganda machine in the David Brock/Debbie Wasserman mold only slicker and she’ll cheat, lie and twist words until they have no semblance to the truth in her relentless drive for power, power and more power.”

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Source: EIN Presswire