Coronavirus Masks Donation Drive: Help Hospitals Get Much Needed Masks and Save lives

Daryl Guberman: Supply Coronavirus Masks To Hospitals Now!

Businessman Daryl Guberman praised for helping hospitals nationwide acquire masks during coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak

America is at her best when the American people and our leaders put the politics aside and forget their differences to focus on the most important cause… help Americans in need.”

— Daryl Guberman

NEW YORK, NY, US, March 26, 2020 / — Quality expert Daryl Guberman, owner of Guberman-PMC, LLC one of the nation's leading quality management firms, announced the recent posting of an inspiring Youtube video that is gaining praise in social media from hospitals and patients dealing with the coronavirus outbreak across the country. The video can be seen at

In the video, Guberman passionately explains the noble and brilliant idea of helping hospitals acquire much needed masks for patients, staff and visitors during the coronavirus epidemic. Guberman challenges Americans to unite with businesses and citizens in hundreds of local communities across the nation to increase the production of much needed masks, gloves, and smocks.

"Hospitals right now in every city and town nationwide have a critical need for masks and other protection items to deal with the overflow of patients during the coronavirus spread," said Guberman. He added, "My video is intended to help these hospitals immediately by connecting them with local manufacturers and other businesses that may have a supply of industrial masks, sterile gloves, and gurneys available to donate to their local medical facility." Ford Motor Company has already accepted Guberman's challenge which impressed Guberman so much he challenged GM and Chrysler to do the same.

In addition to helping hospitals deal with the Covid-19 dilemma, Guberman is also going after the source of the outbreak. Guberman's organization G-PMC, LLC has long been an outspoken critic of China's communist regime and the coronavirus outbreak has sparked added criticism among Americans dealing with the disaster. Media outlets nationwide have been pointing the finger at the Chinese government for the U.S. shortage of masks. According to Guberman, the shortage is primarily due to the United States relying too heavily on China for medical supplies, hospital equipment, and healthcare quality accreditation programs.

Guberman said, the coronavirus outbreak has proven the United States must ban China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF) for its oversight and control over US-based ANSI-ANAB National Accreditation Board. "IAF is an anti-American organization managed with a Communist iron fist by Chinese National Mr. Xiao Jianhua, the Chief Executive of IAF, and long-time anti-capitalists," said Guberman. He added, "In order to take back control of America's medical services, the U.S. government must declare illegal the communist-led IAF organization on grounds of it being unconstitutional.” Guberman said the United States must cease China's influence over American commerce to ensure the certification and accreditation programs of hospital equipment and medical supplies is solely under the control of pro-American organizations that put the American people first.

Guberman said it's no coincidence that the number of people infected with the coronavirus in China is decreasing while simantensouly the country's Communist Party is ratcheting up threats against the West, with a particularly nasty warning about access to life-saving drugs aimed at the United States, according to U.S. media reports at

China-led propagandist, well-known as American communist have long been attempting to silence Guberman ( However, the attempts to silence Guberman has only increased his support, particularly from pro-Americans, Trumpsters, military veterans, and conservative groups. In reference to President Trump's MAGA campaign, Guberman said the entire country has never been more ready for a 'MAKE QUALITY GREAT AGAIN' kind of movement for the American manufacturing community.

Guberman, a potential candidate for U.S. Senate, said his primary concern right now is doing what he can to help Americans deal with the Covid-19 outbreak, and is hoping his latest video titled “Clovid-19 Alert: Guberman-PMC Urges Companies To Donate Masks To Hospitals” will enable hospitals across the country to quickly acquire much needed masks with the help of businesses and fellow Americans working together.

"America is at her best when the American people and our leaders put the politics aside and forget their differences to focus on a single cause to help Americans in need."

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American Manufacturers Challenged To Flex Its Muscles To Produce Masks For Hospitals During Covid-19 Outbreak

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