Residents of Aurora and Surrounding Areas to hold a Rally this Sunday at 3:00 at the Aurora Police Department

Hoodcandidate for President

Aurora residents are asking for Mayor Richard Irvin and Chief of Police Kristen Ziman to publicly address the excessive force used by the Aurora Police

AURORA, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2020 / — Consumer Action Resource Group activist and Presidential Candidate hold a rally to address police brutality in Aurora, Illinois. As we witness the unrest in American cities we are we are asking Mayor Richard Irvin Chief of Police Kristen Ziman to personally publicly address the untimely death of George Floyd in Minnesota by MPD, and the Aurora police excessive force policy. We would like to know the city's preventive strategy moving forward. On March 22nd of this year we were informed as a community that both of our leading official had tested positive for Covid-19. Mayor Richard Irvin publicly made a statement and went on the news. The issues we face at hand with excessive force, racial profiling, and discrimination has spread like a virus in our community long before covid-19. There is a cure for violent police officers. As a community, we are asking for Mayor Richard Irvin & Chief of Police to publicly address the police brutality that is happening in the Aurora community this Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

The community of Aurora is asking Mayor Richard Irvin and the Chief of Police Kristen Ziman to inform the community of their personal stance regarding the numerous complaints that have been filed and the pending lawsuit filed against them by Andy Hope Williams Jr.

“There is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me,” says Williams. "I have experienced discrimination first hand in my own home town. when people get followed by the police, unlawfully stopped, or beat up, the call me. I understand when we say black lives matter, in Aurora, the Hood Lives Matter. I am the Hood Candidate, and I have the experience to unite the streets of America. Change starts at home and that is why we are addressing Aurora first. The elected leaders can speak at the rally for themselves to tell us how they plan to ensure what happened to George Floyd won't happen to Marcus Randle, Andy Hope Williams Jr., or any other person at the hands of a officer with an evil heart.

Jess the Bless
Williams for President, Inc
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Animal Wellness Action Celebrates China’s New Policy Banning the Dog Meat Trade

Dog Meat

Animal Wellness Brands Logo

Policy Action Triggered by the Inescapable Conclusion Most People Treat Dogs as Companions, Growing Public Health & Reputational Concerns, & the COVID-19 Crisis

The dog meat trade in China and other nations has triggered investigations, protest, and outrage even within nations where this industry operates.”

— Wayne Pacelle, President of Animal Wellness Action

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2020 / — In what can only be described as one of the biggest contemporary gains for animals globally, China has removed dogs from its National Catalogue of Livestock and Poultry, clearing the way for the shutdown of dog meat sales, including dog meat festivals such as the infamous one conducted in Yulin. Dogs in China have long been raised and collected by the millions annually and butchered for human consumption, and this new policy is a prescription for ending the entire trade. Only a minority of Chinese consume dog meat, and the younger generation by and large steers clear of it.

The proposed national policy was elucidated in April, just months after the COVID-19 crisis started in Wuhan. “With the progress of human civilization and the public’s concern and preference for animal protection, dogs have been ‘specialized’ from traditional domestic animals to companion animals,” wrote a spokesperson from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in April in the original expression of the proposed policy change.”

“The dog meat trade in China and other nations has triggered investigations, protest, and outrage even within nations where this industry operates,” noted Wayne Pacelle, President of Animal Wellness Action. “As pet keeping continued to rise and became the dominant form of interacting with dogs, the dog meat industry was a contradictory behavior that could endure for long. The COVID-19 was a catalyst for the evolution in social thinking about dogs.

Animals Asia, which has been on the ground in China fighting for animals for over 30 years, sent this dispatch to Animal Wellness Action: “Although the legislation is not an outright ban on consumption, the regulation bans the selling of live dogs and dog meat for food. This means all the dog restaurants, markets and slaughterhouses countrywide selling dogs for food are now illegal, sending a message to the industry that dog meat consumption is not supported by the government. The protection also extends to cats.”

The decision follows actions earlier this year by the cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai to ban the eating of dogs and cats. It also comes more than a year after the United States banned the trade domestically, partly as a signal of moral leadership sent to China. AWA helped lead the fight to pass that law in Congress.

“We expect this decision to end the horrific treatment of millions of dogs who are terrorized, slaughtered, and skinned as part of the meat trade in China each year,” said Jennifer Skiff, Director of International Programs for Animal Wellness Action. “But be assured, the battle is far from over. The ability to enforce is always an issue once a law is created – and that’s not China specific. Still, this action is far-reaching and those who follow the law will walk away from the trade and their action will create monumental change.”

Skiff, who last year spoke to animal advocates in Beijing about the trade and the global movement to end it, said, “Today is a day to rejoice for the good people of China who have been desperate to see this change. Sadly, investigative reports by Animals Asia have shown that the majority of dogs in the trade are stolen companion animals. This is just the beginning of the end of the trade.”

“The COVID-19 crisis exposed live animal markets as barbaric and as serious threats to public health, and the government of China acted responsibility by ordering its closure,” said Odessa Gunn, Northern California Director for Animal Wellness Action and an investigator who been to dozens of dog meat markets in China and told the story of the callous and horrifying treatment of the animals. “It’s a celebratory moment for the people of China and for people throughout the world and with the possible shutdown of live wildlife sales for food, it heralds a new era in the treatment of animals in China.”

Dogs are still farmed in South Korea and eaten in other Southeast Asian countries. It’s hoped China’s decision will be followed by its neighbors, whose authorities sanction the farming and tolerate theft of pets and collection of animals for the trade. The stories of those dogs, along with the photos of them stuffed into wire cages, and on trucks heading to China have fueled the global movement that can claim part of this week’s decision by China to stop the sale of dogs for food.

Animal Wellness Action ushered to passage the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act that was signed into law in December 2018 forbidding the dog and cat meat trade in the United States.

The Animal Wellness Foundation (Foundation) is a Los Angeles-based private charitable organization with a mission of helping animals by making veterinary care available to everyone with a pet, regardless of economic ability. We organize rescue efforts and medical services for dogs and cats in need and help homeless pets find a loving caregiver. We are advocates for getting veterinarians to the front lines of the animal welfare movement; promoting responsible pet ownership; and vaccinating animals against infectious diseases such as distemper. We also support policies that prevent animal cruelty and that alleviate suffering. We believe helping animals helps us all.

Animal Wellness Action (Action) is a Washington, D.C.-based 501(c)(4) organization with a mission of helping animals by promoting legal standards forbidding cruelty. We champion causes that alleviate the suffering of companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife. We advocate for policies to stop dogfighting and cockfighting and other forms of malicious cruelty and to confront factory farming and other systemic forms of animal exploitation. To prevent cruelty, we promote enacting good public policies and we work to enforce those policies. To enact good laws, we must elect good lawmakers, and that’s why we remind voters which candidates care about our issues and which ones don’t. We believe helping animals helps us all.

Marty Irby
+1 202-821-5686
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Vincent Imhoff and Shannon Dorvall of Imhoff & Associates, Dive Into Lori Loughlin’s Sentencing Over College Scandal

Vince Imhoff, Famed Criminal Attorney

Shannon Dorvall

"Despite overwhelming proof of governmental misconduct, the court failed to impose any punishment on the prosecution"- Imhoff & Associates Newsletter

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, May 29, 2020 / — The United States Attorney’s Office has repeatedly suffered embarrassing incidents where their pattern of withholding exculpatory evidence has been exposed. Although the government has a history of withholding case damaging evidence, recently the tactics have been employed and exposed in very high-profile cases including the Lori Loughlin “Varsity Blues” case. The government ignored the rules and in doing so, broke the law and got caught. Their punishment should be swift and severe as the government would loudly demand against any defendant caught doing the same thing. Dismissal of the case would be true justice. Vincent Imhoff, Managing Director of Imhoff & Associates, and Shannon Dorvall, attorney at Imhoff & Associates, co-authored an article outlining these details in the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter. Check out the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter below for their reflections.

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli pled guilty on Friday, May 22, 2020, pursuant to a plea agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office putting an end to the U.S. Attorney’s publicity nightmare of having been caught yet again withholding evidence in a high profile case. However, unlike the Michael Flynn case, the charges are not being dismissed. Instead, the defendants are being offered a remarkable deal of recommending to the court a two-month sentence, $150,000 fine and 100 hours of community service for Loughlin and a five-month sentence, $250,000 fine and 100 hours of community service for Giannulli despite waiting well over a year to enter a guilty plea. According to Imhoff & Associates Newsletter, “Other defendants who pled earlier received harsher sentences despite the early cooperation.”

Loughlin’s suggested sentence is in the middle of the sentences already handed down in the case. Has the U.S. Attorney’s Office suddenly gone soft and forgotten their longstanding practice of punishing defendants for pursuing trial and forcing the government to do actual work? Or is it more likely the government recognized the optics of the situation and chose to make an offer so irresistible that only a fool would choose trial when faced with more than 10 years in federal prison

The Imhoff & Associates Newsletter continues, “Although the court denied their motion to dismiss, he made it clear that the defendants could cross-examine on the “aggressive” tactics used with Marty Singer against parents in the alleged bribery scheme. The information gathering in cross-examination of the agents could embarrass the United States Attorney’s Office. Best to avoid such a light being shown in their dark corners by enticing the defendants into a deal that would seal off the defendants’ need to question the agents and expose the truth. A trial could have given ammunition to challenge guilty pleas of already sentenced defendants”.

In denying Loughlin’s attempt to dismiss the case, the court found that the actions by the U.S. Attorney’s Office were an “imprudent underestimation of the context, relevance and potential exculpatory nature of the notes”. The court also found their actions in withholding the evidence as “irresponsible and misguided” but not “willful”. The Imhoff & Associates Newsletter goes on to state, “One hopes the attorneys in this case quote that language in their sentencing memorandums to the court and describe their client’s actions as ‘irresponsible and misguided’ because apparently the court feels there is no need to punish such actions. What is trying to find a work around to get your child into a competitive college by paying someone to go around the red tape but 'irresponsible and misguided'. The court still has the option of sentencing Loughlin beyond the negotiated two months but that seems unlikely given the propensity of the system to protect the government from deeper scrutiny in the prosecution of criminal cases".

In our system of criminal justice, the fairness of procedures takes precedence over the conviction of any single person. The procedural safeguards, while seen as the boring and unsexy part of a criminal cases, are set forth in the Bill of Rights and the presumption of innocence is enjoyed by all of us and enforced by the defendant in a criminal case. Without a meaningful challenge to the government, prosecutors have no incentive to follow the very rules they are supposed to uphold. Hearing the words “on behalf of the Government of the United States versus” is terrifying when your name finishes that sentence. The full weight of the United States behind the charges is supposed to be scary to make people think before they break the law. It takes fortitude to stand up and make them prove their case instead of folding at the first court appearance.

The courts have lost their desire to hold the government to such as standard. Despite overwhelming proof of governmental misconduct, the court failed to impose any punishment on the prosecution. One of the tenets of the criminal justice system is that punishment acts as a deterrent to future bad acts. If the courts never punish the U.S. Attorney’s Office for their oft repeated bad acts in withholding crucial exculpatory evidence, how can anyone expect their behavior to change when the incentives to beg at the ever-flowing fountain of forgiveness from courts.

“Although defendants Loughlin and Giannulli derived some benefit from the government’s misdeeds, the court should demonstrate true blind justice by dismissal of all charges”, concludes the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter.

Imhoff & Associates, PC, provides the highest quality representation for individuals who have been accused of committing criminal offenses. They understand that people who come to them are going through some of the most stressful times in their lives and want these individuals to know they do not have to work through these matters alone. Their nationwide criminal defense attorneys are prepared to provide creative, hard-hitting defenses for clients across the nation, no matter what the case may entail, how complicated matters may seem, or what crimes the accused are charged with. "We have a powerful and highly experienced team of attorneys from different legal backgrounds in your area and we bring the determination to win, a great deal of resources, and extensive knowledge to every case we handle", states Imhoff & Associates. "Let us put our extensive experience and successful track record of defending thousands of clients to work defending you!"

If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense, it is essential that you reach out to their firm as soon as possible. The sooner you begin working with them, the sooner they can begin examining every detail surrounding your case, gathering all the evidence, and building the strongest defense possible. Because they have experienced lawyers throughout the nation, they are knowledgeable of every state’s criminal laws, and know how all of these states’ criminal proceedings are carried out.

"Individuals who turn to our firm for defense are met with respect, honesty, and diligence throughout the entirety of their case," states Imhoff & Associates. "No two cases are alike, and we ensure every client is provided with the customized defense needed to meet their unique needs. We believe in doing everything we can to put our client's minds at ease, which is why we also implement one-time, flat-fees. This means you do not have to worry about how long you are on the phone with us or how many times you meet with us; you will never be charged any hidden expenses." With Imhoff & Associates, it looks like no matter what your case entails, you will work with the right attorney for your case; someone who is from your area, is well-versed in that particular area of law, and knows how to customize the best possible defense for your specific case.

Aurora DeRose.
Michael Levine Media
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Recognizes Wartburg Employee, Michaela Byrnes

LtoR: Mimi Greeley and Michaela Byrnes


New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recognized longtime Wartburg Therapeutic Recreation Director Ms. Michaela Byrnes for her work in resident and family communication during visitation restrictions and Wartburg’s pandemic response efforts.

In a letter to Ms. Byrnes, the Governor thanked her for her extraordinary work and compassionate efforts as we face one of the biggest public health crisis in our history. Also in his letter, Governor Cuomo stated: “Please also extend my sincere appreciation to your fellow co-workers at Wartburg for their remarkable commitment and sacrifice amidst this terrifying pandemic. I am blessed to have selfless individuals like yourselves who continue to offer assistance to those in critical need despite the fear and uncertainty currently surrounding us.”

Michaela Byrnes said of the honor, “I am very appreciative to the Greeley family who took the time to write to Governor Cuomo during this difficult time and it is was an honor to see his response included recognizing everyone at Wartburg. Family communication is now a 24-7 job within the Therapeutic Recreation department and while all of us have a part to play, I consider our department the lucky ones who get to provide these special moments for our residents and their family members.”

Ms. Byrnes, is a 21-year employee of Wartburg and was appointed to the prestigious 2013 LeadingAge New York Leadership Academy, the state’s association’s yearlong program providing enhancing the leadership capacity of aging-services professionals so they are better equipped to serve the aging-services field.

“I feel very fortunate to have the ability, with assistance of course, to not only talk to my beloved family members but to see their beautiful faces as well”, said Ms. Mimi Greeley. “This modern technology is wonderful!”

Dr. David J. Gentner, Wartburg President & CEO, said, “Lately, it doesn’t always feel like the work we do is appreciated so the Governor’s recognition of Michaela has a halo effect on those of us who still desire to serve the field of senior care and housing in the aftermath of physically and emotionally challenging times.”

About Wartburg

Wartburg, located in Westchester County, NY, offers integrated, comprehensive senior residential and healthcare services. Unlike conventional retirement communities, Wartburg provides a wide range of services to both residents living on their beautiful 34-acre campus and people in their own homes. From independent, assisted living and award-winning nursing home care to inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, home care and adult day care services, their continuing care approach has earned them a trusted reputation. Wartburg also provides caregiver support at every stage with an array of options to find the level of care that considers the whole family. Wartburg was named one of the “Best Nursing Homes in New York State” by U.S. News & World Report for the ninth consecutive year in 2019.

Wartburg Website Homepage:
Wartburg Facebook Page:
Wartburg Twitter Page:
Wartburg Instagram Page:
Wartburg LinkedIn Page:
YouTube Page:

Coreen Boothe
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Author & Broadcaster Judge Herb Dodell Guests on Sherrod Small's Race Wars to Discuss Legal Rights During COVID-19

Author/Broadcaster Judge Herb Dodell Was a Featured Guest on the Race Wars Podcast

Comedian Sherrod Small, Host of Race Wars

Also featuring co-host Keren Margolis and Economist & Best-Selling Author James Altucher

In our discussion the featured question was, ‘how far can the government go in restraining the public from doing what they want to do”

— Judge Herb Dodell

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 29, 2020 / — Author and KCAA radio host, Judge Herb Dodell was a featured guest on popular comedy podcast, Race Wars, hosted by comedians Sherrod Small and Keren Margolis with guest author and economist James Altucher for a spirited discussion on legal rights during COVID-19 and restraining orders, a specialty of Judge Dodell’s.

“He's smart, funny and always willing to share his extensive knowledge of the American Judicial system,” says Sherrod Small. “His experience and aptitude in the courts and understanding of the law unmatched.”

“In our discussion the featured question was, ‘how far can the government go in restraining the public from doing what they want to do,” says Judge Herb Dodell. “I love the energy of this show.”

This was Judge Dodell’s second time guesting on Race Wars. He first appeared last summer with best-selling author Ann Coulter, who later in turn guested on his KCAA radio show, For the People.

You may listen to the episode of Race Wars here

You may follow the Race Wars podcast on Twitter at and on Facebook at

You may purchase a copy of From the Trench to the Bench: Navigating the Legal System & Finding Your Spiritual Path Along the Way here

You may listen to Judge Herb Dodell’s radio show, For the People every Monday at 7pm ET/4pm PT on

You may follow Judge Herb Dodell on , on Twitter on and on Facebook at .

About Judge Herb Dodell:

For more than half a century, Judge Herb Dodell, has served as both a successful attorney in the “trench,” and as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem on the “bench,” having presided over more than 10,000 cases. As a lawyer, he has tried more than one hundred jury trials, civil and criminal, in both state and federal courts, and has successfully argued before the California Supreme Court.”

About For the People:

The purpose of the show is to help people navigate the legal system. It provides information as to how the legal system really works, from the inside and from the perspective of a long-time trial lawyer (the trench) and Superior Court judge (the bench). It illustrates the principles with real cases and provides guidelines for people who are in the system or about to be involved in it, including small claims, restraining orders, landlord/tenant, criminal and general civil litigation. It provides the answers to such questions as "what do I do if…"? while including a spiritual approach as well. The show can be heard every Monday evening at 7pm EST/4pm PST on 106.5 FM and 102.3 FM/I Heart Media in Los Angeles, or on .
About From the Trench to the Bench: Navigating the Legal System & Finding Your Spiritual Path Along the Way:

“What do you do if you want to sue someone in Small Claims Court, or you’ve been sued, or you’ve been served with an eviction notice, or someone is harassing and threatening you, or barraging you with texts and emails, or you’re the victim in an automobile accident, or you’ve been arrested? When do you need a lawyer, how do you find the right one, what questions should you ask, and what can you expect from your lawyer? This book will answer all these questions and more. It will provide you with essential guidelines and practical tools you will need to navigate through the legal system, thus saving you both time and money. Real stories and cases are used to illustrate the concepts in this book. Using the principles of Universal Law, this book will also help you learn to turn an unfortunate situation into an opportunity for personal growth.

Lainie Speiser
Lainie Speiser Publicity
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Jean Danhong Chen Provides Insight into How the New Presidential Executive Order Will Affect Immigration to the US

Though President Trump has signed an executive order suspending immigration in the United States, Jean Danhong Chen highlights how these measures are temporary.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2020 / — On Wednesday, April 22 President Donald Trump signed into effect an executive order which halted the processing of certain immigration visas, creating significant concerns in the lives of immigrant families and communities. However, immigration law expert Jean Danhong Chen has made a public statement highlighting the executive order’s temporary nature, urging those who are currently navigating the complex United States immigration system not to lose hope.

The executive order, which came into effect on April 23, is the direct result of economic difficulties posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to a statement released by President Donald Trump, these new measures come as an anticipatory move seeking to protect American jobs amidst the nation’s economic hardship. As indicated by a White House statement, the order seeks to “ensure we continue to put American workers first as we begin to reopen our economy.”

The list of effected visa classes includes employment-based visas and family visas for parents and siblings—two visa categories which accounted for more than 50% of all immigrant visas issued in previous years. Many other immigrant visa classes (including those for medical workers, agricultural workers, temporary entry, and other non-immigrant visas) remain exempt.

As it stands, the order has no impact on United States citizens who are wishing to bring their spouses into the country. However, the same is not true for legal permanent residents. The order will also bring a temporary halt to the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Jean Danhong Chen urges people not to lose hope, as these current measures are temporary and aim to protect others. She knows that once the pandemic is over, applications can continue to be processed and people can be reunited with their families once again.

About Jean Danhong Chen

San Jose immigration law expert Jean Danhong Chen boasts more than two decades of experience in the field of immigration law. Her passion lies in helping provide guidance, comfort, and clarity to those who are currently navigating the intricacies of the United States immigration system.

In 2003, she founded the Law Offices of Jean D. Chen, which engages specifically in the arenas of naturalization and immigration law. Over the last 17 years, its international team of skilled attorneys have worked to successfully process more than 10,000 visa and green card approvals from across all 50 states.

For more information, please visit

Jean Danhong Chen
Law Offices of Jean D. Chen
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Expert Panel to Discuss the Growing Threat from Iran’s Regime

Panelists in the NCRI-US June 3, 2020 online panel on “The Growing Threat from Iran’s Regime.” From left, Mr. Olli Heinonen, Amb. Joseph DeTrani, Hon. John Rood, Amb. Robert Joseph, and Mr. Alireza Jafarzadeh.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2020 / — On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, the U.S. Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI-US) will host an online panel to discuss:

• Iran’s regional aggression, direct and through support for proxy militias;
• Iran’s missile and nuclear programs, including the reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA);
• The role of sanctions, including the UN arms embargo, due to expire in October 2020;
• Iran’s terrorist activities, including assassinations of dissidents; and
• Iran’s COVID-19 crisis, and the systemic corruption and repression of protests.

• John Rood, Former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (2018-2020)
• Robert Joseph, Former Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (2005-2007)
• Joseph DeTrani, Former Director of National Counterproliferation Center and Special Adviser to the Director of National Intelligence.
• Olli Heinonen, Distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center, Former deputy director general of the IAEA, and head of its Department of Safeguards.
Alireza Jafarzadeh, Deputy Director, NCRI-US

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2020
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

NOTE: Registration is required and available to accredited journalists, members of the diplomatic corps, think tanks, academic institutions, and the U.S. Government.

To register, click or contact

These materials are being distributed by the National Council of Resistance of Iran-U.S. Representative Office. Additional information is on file with the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

National Council of Resistance of Iran – US Rep. Office
+1 202-747-7847
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Voip-Pal CEO Emil Malak explains that we are in a Global War with the Coronavirus

VOIP-PAL Corporate Logo


CEOCFO Magazine logo

In an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, VOIP-PAL CEO and Director Emil Malak discusses the asymptomatic COVID-19, the reopening of states and the airlines


Requiring each passenger to show a current negative test result before boarding will restore confidence in the safety of air travel.”

— Emil Malak

WASHINGTON, DC, US, May 28, 2020 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent investment publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview and op-ed ( with Emil Malak, CEO of Voip-Pal (OTCQB: VPLM), a Bellevue, Washington based company, inventers and pioneers of the switching technology now being used by many of the world's largest telecommunication and social networking companies, without which they could not connect Landline phone calls to Internet phone calls.

Mr. Malak has many other business ventures and is well versed on the coronavirus pandemic and its possible spread. Mr. Malak explained that, “We must treat COVID-19 like other killer diseases, such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, pulmonary issues, and lupus etc.” However, Mr. Malak points to out that the major difference in this disease is that it has managed to hide, as it is asymptomatic and now it is crippling our economies. He says, “Asymptomatic: patients do not show any clinical symptoms, have normal chest imaging, but yield a positive nucleic acid test. They become silent, invisible, and lethal vectors of COVID-19, being just as likely to spread the virus as a symptomatic patient. Children are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 than adults. It is believed that between 10% to 15% or more of carriers are asymptomatic. It only takes one to infect dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people in an enclosed environment.”

Since we seem to be in a global war, and every country would need a marshal plan in order to get back their economies. When asked what a marshal plan to combat the coronavirus should look like, Mr. Malak responded, “The Coronavirus Marshal Plan begins with executing the right testing strategy. Mobile testing vans need to be deployed and visible in every community. Once a person is tested, their current test results would be displayed on their smartphone. As long a person tests negative, they could move about freely. Anyone who tests positive can receive early treatment and isolate themselves to avoid spreading the virus to their family and friends, and avoid mass spreading within the community.

Only testing everyone continuously is the solution according to Mr. Malak, “Tests should be repeated on a weekly basis to ensure each person has an accurate current result. This provides the only safe way forward. By implementing this coronavirus Marshal Plan we will be able to fully reopen the economy without worrying about a surge of new infections or increased mortality rates. Businesses will be positioned to soar once again to their pre-COVID-19 heights. Testing frequencies can always be reviewed and adjusted as needed.”

As to what we would need to do to get international air travel back to normal, Mr. Malak responds, “In my proposal, airlines would provide testing to each passenger no longer than 48 hours before boarding the plane. In some instances, they can even offer the test at the airport. Only passengers with a negative test result would be permitted to board the plane. A passenger would take the test prior to their outbound flight and again before their return flight. Requiring each passenger to show a current negative test result before boarding will restore confidence in the safety of air travel.”

Is China the new evil empire requiring everyone to cut trade with them? Mr. Malak told CEOCFO's Bud Wayne, “The people who make up the silent majority in the United States and Europe realize that China has not been truthful. They can see through the lies and how China has benefited economically from the coronavirus pandemic while the rest of the world suffers greatly – the Chinese regime is laughing all the way to the bank! It is time for the world’s leaders to come together and stop all dealings with the Chinese government. China must suffer consequences for the pain and suffering they have unleashed on the world. Additionally, severing ties with the Chinese will create millions and millions of jobs outside of China and help countries once again become self-sufficient. This is no time for globalization or bowing to the interests of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that has shown so much bias in favor of the Chinese and has helped spread the Chinatization of much of the world.”

Bud Wayne
CEOCFO Magazine
+1 570-851-1745
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U.S. Rep. Grace Meng Issues Resolution Recognizing National Period Poverty Awareness Week, May 25 – 31, 2020

The Alliance for Period Supplies created Period Poverty Awareness Week to educate on the issue period poverty and the impact period poverty has on menstruators.

Alliance for Period Supplies logo

The Alliance for Period Supplies works to address period poverty in the U.S.

National Period Poverty Awareness Week is a signature event of the Alliance for Period Supplies—a program of the National Diaper Bank Network.

Period poverty is a public health issue that largely goes unnoticed in the U.S. This is unacceptable.”

— Joanne Goldblum, CEO National Diaper Bank Network

NEW HAVEN, CT, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2020 / — Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 4 U.S. women struggled to afford period supplies in the past year. This public health issue, known as period poverty, has increased exponentially since the crisis began.

To draw attention to period poverty, U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY), today, issued a resolution formally recognizing National Period Poverty Awareness Week (May 25 – 31, 2020) and Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28, 2020) in the U.S.

National Period Poverty Awareness Week is a signature event of the Alliance for Period Supplies—a program of the National Diaper Bank Network. This is the first year of the event which is being celebrated throughout the country.

“Period poverty is a public health issue that largely goes unnoticed in the U.S.,” said Joanne Goldblum, CEO of the National Diaper Bank Network and Alliance for Period Supplies. “Rep. Meng’s resolution recognizing National Period Poverty Awareness Week draws attention to the fact that there are menstruators living in each of communities who cannot afford these basic necessities. This is unacceptable. We applaud Rep. Meng for her leadership and advocacy efforts on behalf of all people who menstruate.”

With the support if its founding sponsor U by Kotex®, the Alliance for Period Supplies has distributed more than 30 million donated period products to its more than 80 allied programs nationwide that provide free period products to menstruators who lack the material basic necessities they require to thrive.

Through its advocacy efforts, the Alliance for Period Supplies worked with Rep. Ming to secure the resolution. It recognizes the contributions of individuals and entities that operate or support period supply banks and distribution programs in their local communities, prior to and in response to the COVID–19 pandemic, as well as the generosity of the people of the United States for supporting those struggling with period poverty by donating menstrual products.

About Alliance for Period Supplies

The Alliance for Period Supplies is an initiative of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN)—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that leads a nationwide movement aimed at helping individuals and families who struggle to afford material basic needs. Launched in May 2018, with the support of founding sponsor U by Kotex, the Alliance for Period Supplies works to end period poverty (#endperiodpoverty) in the US by raising national awareness of the issue and supporting the development and expansion of period supply programs in communities throughout the country. The Alliance for Period Supplies is comprised of Allied Programs that collect, warehouse and distribute menstrual/period supplies in local communities. More information on Alliance for Period Supplies is available at, and on Twitter (@PeriodSupplies) and Facebook (

Troy Moore
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WCCR Blasts Hezbollah Leader in Lebanon

Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Hezbollah in Lebanon

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, May 28, 2020 / — On Tuesday, a group of Finnish peacekeepers operating under the UN mandate for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) were surrounded by angry residents and had to be escorted to safety by the Lebanese army. Afterwards, surrounding villages accused the peacekeepers of "entering and searching people's vineyards and private properties," describing such actions as “unacceptable.”

The United States has been concerned that UN peacekeepers are being prevented from carrying out their mission which includes the ability to confiscate weaponry which is secreted in the area. Part of their mandate states:

“In case specific information is available regarding movement of unauthorized weapons or equipment, the LAF will take required action… However, in situations where the LAF are not in a position to do so, UNIFIL will do everything necessary to fulfil its mandate in accordance with Security Council resolution 1701.”

Hezbollah chief, Hassan Nasrallah, characterized the US concern as the request for a “change” in the UN mandate being pushed at the request of Israel, but according to UNIFIL guidelines they are free to “use force to ensure that their area of operations is not used for hostile activities; and resist attempts by force to prevent them from discharging their duties under the Council mandate.”

“The essential mission of UNIFIL is to prevent the re-militarization of South Lebanon following the departure of Israel in 2000,” said World Council for the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) national director, John Hajjar. “The US simply wants UNIFIL to fulfill its original mandate, not to continue to turn a blind eye to Hezbollah and its 150,000 missiles that threaten peace and stability in the region.”

It is obvious Hassan Nassrallah has exploited every loophole in the UNIFIL mandate to install missile batteries in Southern Lebanon aimed at Israel. He wants to continue using UNIFIL for its own purposes while standing in flagrant violation of UNSCR 1559 and 1701. Furthermore, he has no authority to accept or reject United Nations Security Council decisions which are made on behalf of the people of Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora.

“Mr. Nassrallah, your actions have destroyed Lebanon's economy and have destabilized the whole region,” added WCCR Secretary General, Tom Harb. “Pointing your finger at the US for merely insisting that UNIFIL does its job is a sign of your failure. The UN must enforce its just and lawful mandate.”

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Source: EIN Presswire