Jean Danhong Chen Provides Insight into How the New Presidential Executive Order Will Affect Immigration to the US

Though President Trump has signed an executive order suspending immigration in the United States, Jean Danhong Chen highlights how these measures are temporary.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2020 / — On Wednesday, April 22 President Donald Trump signed into effect an executive order which halted the processing of certain immigration visas, creating significant concerns in the lives of immigrant families and communities. However, immigration law expert Jean Danhong Chen has made a public statement highlighting the executive order’s temporary nature, urging those who are currently navigating the complex United States immigration system not to lose hope.

The executive order, which came into effect on April 23, is the direct result of economic difficulties posed by the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to a statement released by President Donald Trump, these new measures come as an anticipatory move seeking to protect American jobs amidst the nation’s economic hardship. As indicated by a White House statement, the order seeks to “ensure we continue to put American workers first as we begin to reopen our economy.”

The list of effected visa classes includes employment-based visas and family visas for parents and siblings—two visa categories which accounted for more than 50% of all immigrant visas issued in previous years. Many other immigrant visa classes (including those for medical workers, agricultural workers, temporary entry, and other non-immigrant visas) remain exempt.

As it stands, the order has no impact on United States citizens who are wishing to bring their spouses into the country. However, the same is not true for legal permanent residents. The order will also bring a temporary halt to the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Jean Danhong Chen urges people not to lose hope, as these current measures are temporary and aim to protect others. She knows that once the pandemic is over, applications can continue to be processed and people can be reunited with their families once again.

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