Winning: The Only Peaceable Option to Violent Revolution

William W. Fawell released his much-anticipated essay, “Winning: The Peaceable Option to Violent Revolution” at

On the 'Usurpation of Constitutional Powers'… "for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.””

— President George Washington Sept 17, 1796

GALENA, ILLINOIS, USA, September 25, 2020 / — William W. Fawell, author and former candidate for Congress released his much-anticipated essay, “Winning: The Peaceable Option to Violent Revolution,” as the only means to avoid the violence of Revolution gripping America.

“Many people are yet unaware that America is caught in the cyclical event of Revolution, yet it is becoming more and more obvious every day,” began Fawell. “This is the first chapter in my next book “The System Isn’t Broken, IT’S FIXED” that will be electronically free to all. It is a message of hope and the only peaceful way out for an America that is teetering upon the abyss of internecine violence. There is only one way to avoid this clash and that is the reorganization of government back to one that serves all the people and not just the chosen elite.”

“History defines a Revolution as a governmental bankruptcy, brought on by the over-centralization of both money and political power within a government. At the heart of the issue is the faction of both the Republican and Democratic Party’s, which must be destroyed as they have both evolved into factions of mutual admiration societies of corruption only to represent the two faces of the same coin of Agency government and Administrative Law,” Fawell continued. “It is this historically corrupt system of Party, their Factions and bastardization of our Constitution that today emulates the very worst features of fascist/communist tyrants and their tin badged dictators, which President Washington warned America of over 200 years ago, as America is no longer a Democratic Republic.”

Fawell, a candidate for Congress in both 2018 and 2020, has been the subject of derision by both Democrat and Republican Party’s being both slandered and libeled as a “Conspiracy Theorist.” First by CNN and the David Brock/George Soros Media Matters/Share Blue propaganda machine in August of 2018, and immediately thereafter excommunicated by the ever-corrupt Illinois Republican Party for defying their soul-destroying loyalty to faction at the expense of representing the People, the same problem afflicting the Democratic Party, well documented and particularly abhorrent to Illinois.

“The remedy I share is well supported by every American,” Fawell opined. “Term Limits and the decentralization of Agency government and its Administrative Laws are the keys to Liberty and Freedom, the latter beginning with an Audit of the Federal Reserve Bank, which having passed the House 3x has failed to gain the Senate. Term Limits is the remedy to the curse of party faction over people, and the latter Fed Audit, to dismantle the means by which 90% of the laws we American’s struggle under and designated as Administrative Law, in violation of our United States Constitution, which today is written by tens of thousands of lobbyists at the monetary behest of hundreds of billionaires and a thousand corporations in opposition against hundreds of millions of American’s.”

“America is experiencing a Revolution that pitches one America against the other,” Fawell warned. “If we are to survive this Revolution we must treat it as the bankruptcy that it is, and this demands we American’s must force this simple and popular reorganize our government in order to mollify this Revolution and its causes of Party Faction and Agency personified by the Federal Reserve Bank and the two party system. Else, failing this task, we will have condemned America into the abyss of liquidation and its accompanying violence along with the probable break up of these United States of America.”

“I refuse to stand by and watch this happen to the Greatest Nation our world has ever known,” Fawell closed, “and I invite all American’s to join with me and lobby every politician that wants your vote and demand that they openly support Term Limits and an Audit of the Federal Reserve Bank. Our lives and an America based in Liberty and the Freedoms and Equality it affords depend upon this concerted action today, tomorrow and always. God Bless America and all within it.”

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