General Robert E. Lee Goodwin Outlines the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online College Education

Robert Goodwin III

Professor Robert Goodwin III

Robert E. Lee Goodwin III

General Robert E. Lee Goodwin

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2021 / — The global pandemic has changed the world forever. Before now, education has been done mainly in classrooms. With the pandemic caused by a virus that kept people at home, many parents and students are beginning to take online college education seriously as a viable alternative to brick and mortar classrooms.

General Robert E. Lee Goodwin, a leader, visionary, and exceptional citizen, is already starting conversations on this matter. He outlines the advantages and disadvantages of online college education and how it will shape the future of knowledge acquisition at the highest levels.

Statistics show that the number of students taking online college courses has grown by 150% within ten years.

Online education investment has reached 13 billion dollars, while international students are taking advantage of online learning opportunities provided by 96% of the 3,000 US colleges.

They are using it to cut costs, boost their profiles, and expand their knowledge base by taking two or three courses simultaneously.

The stats are good, no doubt about that. But General Robert E. Lee Goodwin wants students and parents to plan education and see where online fits.

Online college education advantages include adequate access to powerful tools, software, and resources. There is also the issue of smooth and easy accessibility. Students have access to various courses and subjects, including those not offered in their immediate location. Also, all that's needed to take part in a class is a laptop and internet connection.

General Robert E. Lee Goodwin also noted that student enrolment and attendance are better with online classes. Students and tutors are less likely to be late to class, which can help boost learning and graduation rates. An online college education is more affordable, and the platform can easily be updated to accommodate the latest and newest technological advancement in content delivery.

Certain disadvantages of online college education have also been identified, including lack of focus. Due to the simple nature of online classes, students tend to become less focused, and social media and other distractions are not helping. General Robert E. Lee Goodwin also pointed out the lack of community as one of the main disadvantages of an online college education.

People desire to be part of a community where they can have a physical conversation with others. Its human nature and it is necessary for growth and mental and emotional development. Some online classes require professors to acquire technological skills to effectively run online courses, which is an additional burden.

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