Memphis Tennessee White Film Commissioner Linn Sitler takes Memphis back to the good old days of "Coloreds and Negroes"

Memphis is 70% Black over one Billion dollars was invested downtown & Blacks did not get even 1% of the business. The disparity between Blacks and White is perhaps the worst in America. The study reveals out of 1800 business registered to do business only 4 were Black

Anthony “Amp” Elmore A Black Man Living in the Historic Black Community of Orange Mound is “The Father of Indie Memphis” Elmore wrote, produced, Directed & Starred in Memphis 1st Independent Feature Film Titled “The Contemporary Gladiator” filming in Memphis in 1987

Memphis Film Commissioner Linn Sitler used White Supremacy, Racism and Tax Dollars to create her Movie Marker. Anthony Elmore created his film the Contemporary Gladiator in 1987. That Marker should Include Elmore and the Black Community of “Orange Mound

White Memphis Tennessee Film Commissioner Linn Sitler Treats Elmore Tennessee's 1st Independent feature filmmaker reminiscent of the days of Coloreds & Negroes

When I built my Studio I built it in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Atlanta so Black kids can see that a Black man did that and they can do it to”

— Tyler Perry Owner of 1st Black Film Studio in America

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2021 / — White Memphis Film Commissioner Linn Sitler is quoted in the Memphis Commercial Appeal news paper June 15, 2020 about the failed NBC Series Bluff City Law; Sitler states: "it broke through barriers by nurturing and hiring a record number of local crew persons of color." Memphis Tennessee's 1st Independent 35mm Theatrical Filmmaker Anthony "Amp" Elmore finds Linn Sitler's statement out of touch for African Americans in the 21th Century. Elmore states; we African/Americans do not want barriers removed we want equality. Linn Sitler said: she regards "Bluff City Law" as "the most important milestone in my career." Elmore states; I am "African/American and Proud:" while Bluff City Law is a milestone for the "White Linn Sitler" it did not bring benefit to the majority African/American Memphis population. Elmore notes that the White Woman Linn Sitler takes Memphis back to the White Racist culture of "Coloreds and Negroes."

Elmore in a June 20, 2020 New Release notes that Failed NBC Bluff City Law is a Reminder of White Supremacy and Racism. Elmore explains that the City of Memphis effort to portray the story of some White Civil Rights attorneys was a "White Folks Fantasy." The spirit of the film was disingenuous and out of touch with the unfair reality of African/Americans in Memphis. The 2010 Griffin Strong disparity study notes that even under an African/American Mayor Memphis had the worst economic disparity between African/Americans and Whites in America.

Elmore explains that Linn Sitler and the White Memphis establishment are totally out of touch with 21st Century America's changing demographics and modern trends. Concurrent to Linn Sitler in 2019 fighting to get Memphis taxpayers to invest over 5 million dollars in the failed White NBC drama "Bluff City Law" Black Filmmaker Tyler Perry in Atlanta opened the largest film studio in America producing Black films and winning ratings wars. While Memphis bet on the failed White drama Tyler Perry expanded his multi Billion film industry via created an entertainment district in 2021.

Elmore states that it is absolutely incredulous for the White Woman Linn Sitler to state in the 21st Century about some White people "Nurturing and hiring a record number of local crew persons of color." Her statement is reminiscent of the days of "Good Colored Folks or Negroes" staying in their place and not becoming "Uppity." Elmore explains that I settled the issue of barriers for African Americans in the film Industry in Memphis in 1988.

Elmore states; "the White woman Memphis film commissioner Linn Sitler used her office to erase our African/American Film history. The movie Roots did not happen until 1977. Before there was the Cosby show in 1984, Anthony Elmore was doing television when he was the 1st to bring E.S.P.N. to Memphis in 1981. MGM produced the African/America musical Hallelujah in 1929, Cannon Films did a movie at Rhodes college in 1984. Anthony "Amp" Elmore became the father of "Indie Memphis" in 1988 when he produced the 1st Independent feature film in Tennessee titled "The Contemporary Gladiator."

Linn Sitler who became Memphis film Commissioner in 1987 operates the Memphis film Commission like the "Good old days of "Coloreds and Negroes" whereas Black lives, Black films and Black Filmmakers don't matter. Linn Sitler followed the tradition of Whites who purposefully and racially embezzled and misappropriated Black history for their own self aggrandizement. In 2018 Linn Sitler spent tax payer dollars to create a misappropriated "Memphis Movie Marker." Although Anthony Elmore is Tennessee's 1st Independent filmmaker Linn Sitler used her office and influence to erase Anthony Elmore's film history by not reporting it. When Elmore starting filming in 1987 Linn Sitler did not visit the movie set or send any news releases about the production of his film. In 1988 when the film premiered Linn Sitler did not attend the premier. Linn Sitler continues to practice racism in 2021 whereas the African/American film history of Elmore becoming "The Father of Indie Memphis" Tennessee's 1st Independent filmmaker has been extricated from Memphis film history.

In 1929 MGM partially produced the Black film Hallelujah in Memphis. In 1984 Cannon pictures produced the film "Making the Grade" at Rhodes in Memphis. In 1987 Anthony "Amp" Elmore became "The Father of Indie Memphis" via becoming the 1st person in Tennessee history to produce an Independent film in Tennessee.

Elmore's Film achievement put a racist Memphis and Linn Sitler in a dilemma. If Memphis had acknowledged Elmore's film contribution, Elmore would have been acknowledged as Tennessee's 1st Independent theatrical filmmaker placing him first historically as "The Father of Indie Memphis". Elmore explains that in the Memphis culture of White Supremacy and Racism its hard to swallow the fact that filmmaking is a "White folks Culture" however a Black man from Orange Mound is the "Father of Indie Memphis."

Ironically Linn Sitler created a Modern Memphis movie Marker. The Marker speaks about the 1929 African/American partially shot in Memphis Film titled "Hallelujah." The film trailer says "Says the Greatest all Colored Drama ever made." Elmore explains that the good old day for Whites of "Coloreds and Negroes" are dead. Elmore notes that when Linn Stiler speaks of the failed Bluff City law "Nurturing and hiring a record number of local crew persons of color" she is speaking via a White "plantation mentality."

In 2019 African/Americans were tuned into Black Filmmaker Tyler Perry. Perry Gives a Powerful Speech Of Motivation. Tyler Perry Accepted the Ultimate Icon Award at the BET Awards in 2019. Tyler Perry’s Movie Studio Is Bigger Than Warner Bros., Disney And Paramount Combined. Tyler Perry purchased 330 acres of the Old Confederate Fort McPherson in Atlanta. Tyler Perry states that White Confederates were plotting how to keep 3.9 Million Negroes as Slaves now that Fort is owned by "One Negro."

NBC decided not to air the Golden Globes Awards in 2022 because of a lack of diversity. Black Filmmaker Spike Lee headed Cannes film festival in 2021. Elmore notes somebody need to tell Linn Sitler we are no longer "Coloreds and Negroes."

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