Sean Mireskandari, Prominent Iranian Born Attorney, Examines Mandatory COVID Vaccines by Employers

Sean Mireskandari.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2021 / — The rapidly spreading Delta variant is forcing employers to rethink their strategies for handling the pandemic. Policies they should reconsider include encouraging or requiring employees to be vaccinated, whether to hold off on having remote workers return to company facilities, rules for social distancing and wearing masks at job sites, ventilation, testing, travel restrictions, communicating exposures, and support for mental health care.

Sean Mireskandari, prominent Iranian born attorney, gives some insight into the legality of this trend. "I think the problem is that so many politicians lie, the media doesn’t tell the truth & misleads, and people have got to the point of frustration and anger by not being told the truth so that they can make a rational and proper decision for their families and loved ones, as to whether they should wear a mask or not," states Mireskandari.

The spread of the highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19 is causing infections and hospitalizations to rise again in the United States, even in communities with high vaccination rates. Hopes that the pandemic would soon fade away have been dimmed by the spread of the variant, which appears to evade at least some of the immunity conferred by past infection or vaccination.

"This administration thrives on lies, deceit and confusion and unfortunately many followers of the Democrat party refuse to accept the truth," continues Mireskandari. "Many Republican politicians have only woken up to reality and are starting to fight back the lies, which may be too late. I remember President Trump stated a year or so ago that the Democrats are playing tackle football and the republicans are playing badminton."

With low global vaccination rates, there are likely to be new variants that could be even more threatening. Consequently, we can expect sporadic cases and periodic outbreaks of Covid-19 in the months and years ahead. The good news is that as the virus has evolved, employers have honed their strategies to keep infections in check. By continuing to be creative, flexible, and adaptive in their approaches, they can contain the threat now and handle other outbreaks as they arise.

Mireskandari concludes, "The politicians, from both sides, as well as the media and their cronies, should be held liable for misleading and lying to the country and causing the deaths of many innocent people, Democrats and Republicans, for their own gain, whether financial or not."

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Source: EIN Presswire