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Assembled from Ancient texts, science and several Leymen's Intuitions. Many contributors, presented by Ride Thera Publishing.

Mother Earth – Her Meditating Energy, Her Meditative Entropy
Our Mental Era with Her Mathematical Electroforms Her Magnificent Evolutionism
Her Morphogenetic Envision-ings Her Massive Energy”

— Kevin Gilbert

BURNS, OR, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2021 / — Ride Thera Publishing was born out of one couple's journey to explain the world and experience what it was like to look directly at the end of the world. During our journey we met most of the conspiracy theorists and joined several end of the world groups. We went all the way twice to uprooting from East Coast to West Coast to watch the end of the world from purchase in those locations.

All the while assembling all the data and Intel we had collected during our time together of 36 years. This movie series is the culmination of the questions and answers to all the questions we ever had since we were small children. All the questions about what the earth is and how it got to the way it is today. And the same questions about ourselves and humanity at large and our various cultures and civilizations and previous civilizations and perhaps future civilizations.

The video series will ask and answer all of these questions and more starting with our first presentation Part 1: ME – Mother Earth – ME.

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ME Mother Earth ME the movie, from Alpha to Omega and Beyond

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