Washington state citizens seeking community support for Initiative 1441 to protect medical freedom and choice

Washingtonians gearing up with Initiative 1441 in protest against medical discrimination in the wake of declaration of compulsory COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Washington has imposed the strictest COVID-19 vaccine mandate that can leave a lot of people out of work if they opt not to get vaccinated. But technically speaking, vaccination should be a personal choice and a person’s decision regarding vaccination must not affect his/her work or other aspects of life. Unfortunately, the Washington citizens are in a rather different scenario lately. In that light, life-long Washingtonians, Von Galt and Evan Galt, has launched Initiative 1441 which aims to get adopted as a new law upholding the right to medical freedom and choice. Mr. and Mrs. Galt is currently seeking signatures from concerned fellow Washington citizens to build up a powerful community support for the Initiative.

“As ardent Washingtonians for years, we believe that the State of Washington upholds the ethos of inclusiveness where all citizens have the right to practice their choices and preferences. Discrimination, segregation, and marginalization are not the values that true Washingtonians identify with. But unfortunately, we have found ourselves at the threshold of serious medical discrimination that removes the personal autonomy of our free will to choose what kind of medical procedures we would take and that too without the fear of reprisal. Such a crisis inspired us (I and my husband Evan) to sponsor Initiative 1441 which aims to protect our fellow citizens from medical discrimination through a new law upholding right to medical choice and freedom. And we need massive support from our fellow citizens to bring Initiative 1441 to reality”, stated Von Galt.

The Initiative 1441 has already started garnering signatures from Washington citizens. Galt shared that they are looking forward to getting the Initiative adopted as a new law in the next meeting of state legislators in January 2022. If the legislators don't adopt I-1441 into law, then Galt will start an Initiative to the People once it reopens for submission on January 3, 2022. This way, they will have time till July 8, 2022, to submit 400,000 signatures to put it on the General Election slated for November 8, 2022.

“It’s to stress here that all kinds of medical procedures, including vaccinations, can have adverse effects or even death. Mandatory vaccinations prevent us from practicing personal choice and also become the liability of those mandating it. This is why optional vaccinations are fair and just. We belong to a free country and State and every citizen here should have the basic right to work for their livelihood without any coercion techniques.”

“We never thought Washingtonians would be subjected to public policies that can create medical discrimination. But now that we are into it, each one of us would have to take a proactive step to address the problem. Please join us in the mission to stop the ongoing medical discrimination and make medical freedom and choice a reality through Initiative 1441.”

Voters who are willing to send their signatures for Initiative 1441 will find the Signature Sheet on https://initiative1441.info/. They can also request the Signature Sheet to be emailed to them to their email id.

To show your support for Initiative 1441, please visit https://initiative1441.info

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Source: EIN Presswire