Video: Iran 17 April 2021 – Call for Presidential Election Boycott – Nationwide activities of PMOI/MEK supporters

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Call for a boycott of the regime's sham Presidential election – Nationwide activities of MEK supporters and Resistance Units:

Slogans spread across the country; "Our vote is regime change, yes to a democratically-elected republic”


PARIS, FRANCE, April 17, 2021 / — "Our vote is regime change, yes to a democratically-elected republic"

Between April 9 and 15, 2021, supporters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI) and Resistance Units called for a nationwide boycott of the regime's sham Presidential election by posting banners and placards, writing graffities and distributing leaflets in public places. In addition to different parts of Tehran, these activities were carried out in Isfahan, Karaj, Ahvaz, Abadan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Rasht, Tabriz, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Yazd, Kerman, Ilam, Qazvin, Khorramabad, Bandar Anzali, Tonekabon, Yasuj, Torbat-e Jam, Birjand, Bijar, Neyshabur, Langarud and Bukan.

Slogans on placards, graffiti, and banners calling for the boycott of the regime's sham election included: "Maryam Rajavi: nationwide boycott of the election, a response to the murderers of 1,500 martyrs of November 2019 uprising,” "Maryam Rajavi: The Iranian people’s nationwide boycott of the upcoming sham election is the flip side of the people's uprisings," "Massoud Rajavi: No to religious dictatorship, yes to a democratically-elected republic," "Massoud Rajavi: Our vote is regime change and boycott of the sham election," “Boycotting the election farce is a patriotic duty," "Our vote is regime change, yes to a democratically-elected republic,” "Uprising, and downfall of the regime is approaching,” "Democracy, freedom with Maryam Rajavi," "Down with Khamenei, long live freedom," "The sham presidential election lacks legitimacy among the Iranian people," "The Army of the hungry onward to rebellion and uprising,” and "Down with Khamenei.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
April, 2021

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17 April 2021 – Iran Presidential election Boycott

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AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (2020) and "Newark, Italy and me" (2019) now on Lulu Books.

Design by C. Ibbitson.

Collage Imagery Arts


Broadway, Art, Economics during COVID-19 created AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (Lulu Books) written in house-Quarantine during 2020..

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2021 / — Daniel P Quinn's " AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA" and "Newark, Italy and me" published as Lulu Books in 2021.

Newark, Italy + Me. Cover Image
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Exits and Entrances: Producing Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond: 1981-2006 (Paperback)
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organized labor: collected poems Cover Image
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American Phantasmagoria Cover Image
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Broadway, Art, Economics during COVID-19.
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Founder of ArtsPRunlimited, Inc., Daniel P Quinn also received The Short Play Festival Award for Two and Twenty, Irish Institute Award for Honesty Is the Best Policy, and his co-production of Diary of a Madman received an OBIE.

Other media coverage: Irish Post, Madison, Wisconsin, The Star-Ledger; Staten-Island Advance; The Bergen Record and The Irish Voice. His "organized labor" was featured on National Public Radio and also now a Podcast. The Coast Star, Bergen Record, and The Italian Voice covered his Paterson Arts Festival's; Book signings; Malachy McCourt and others said said "organized labor" was "poignant and alive," "wonderful," and "refreshing." His work was also published in Red Wheelbarrow Press (2015-2021) and Local Knowledge (2016). The New York Times published 270 Blogs by Daniel P Quinn since 2019-21.

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Clemente Raises Nearly $200,000 in First Quarter for State Delegate

Republican Nick Clemente announced in his campaign finance report that he has raised an astounding $191,379 in contributions between January and March.

We’re all working toward the same goal: a fresh approach to politics that is responsive, accessible, and puts people first.”

— Nick Clemente

LEESBURG, VA, USA, April 16, 2021 / — Republican Nick Clemente announced in his campaign finance report yesterday that he has raised an astounding $191,379 in contributions between January 1st and March 31st. This announcement comes just weeks after the former Leesburg Planning Commission member was officially declared the Republican nominee for the House of Delegates’ 10th District – making this one of the key races to watch in the 2021 election cycle.

Clemente, who first declared his candidacy in December, stated that he is energized by his campaign’s progress so far and encouraged by the strong reception he is receiving from voters.

“It is an incredible honor to have already received so much support,” Clemente stated. “The enthusiasm we’ve seen from donors and voters of all backgrounds shows how hungry people are for change. We’re all working toward the same goal: a fresh approach to politics that is responsive, accessible, and puts people first.”

According to reports received so far, the only other General Assembly candidate in the Commonwealth of Virginia that has outraised Nick Clemente’s campaign was the Democratic Speaker of the House.

Looking forward, Clemente says he is inspired and optimistic about his chances in the upcoming election. “We are already on a strong path to victory in November that will give voters the positive change they desire and deserve.”


Lauren Harter
Nick Clemente for Delegate
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Tommy Vext Tours Texas

Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves Tours Texas on his F@ck Cancel Culture Tour

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 16, 2021 / —

Front man Tommy Vext wont let himself fall victim to Hollywood Cancel Culture. He’s hitting the road to perform exclusively in Texas next week with his first stop being at Fitcon (

Vext says “ I can’t think of a better place to return to stages then the Lone Star State. They say everything is bigger in Texas, well it certainly seems to be one of the biggest champions of the Constitution and I cant wait to return to play and see all of my friends and fellow patriots.”

Bad Wolves skyrocketed to fame with their cover of the Cranberries Zombie and have had multiple Billboard charting songs in the rock space.

Tour locations and dates below:
April 23rd – Fitcon Fortworth
April 24th- El Paso Rockhouse Bar and Grill
April 25th – El Paso Rockhouse Bar and Grill
April 26th – Lubbock Jakes sports café
April 27th- Austin Come and Take it Live
April 28th – Dallas- Gas Monkey

For More information about the Tour or to book interviews:
The Current Co.
Jenni Weinman

jenni weinman
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U.S. Supreme Court Set to Consider a Voter Suppression and Voter Fraud Case Brought by Single Mom Representing Herself

The Highest Court set a Hearing for April 30, 2021 on Staci Burk's Case as Arizona Republican Senator Borelli tells Her "High Level" People May Kill Her

Republican Majority Whip Senator Borelli threatened Burk she may be killed by "high-level people" because she held the “domino” that would overturn the results of the presidential election.”

— Sonny Borelli

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, April 16, 2021 / — Arizona resident Staci Burk was denied her most sacred right to vote. She is now representing herself before the United States Supreme Court to remedy the loss of her voting right. Burk suffers from a life-threatening chronic illness, leaving her permanently disabled. She is a single mother and domestic violence survivor who endured her young son's murder. Given her history, Burk is protected by Arizona's, "protected address voter laws". It is a challenge for Burk to vote and maintain her safety. It is even harder when the State cancels her ability to vote without warning.

As a survivor of domestic violence and stalking, Burk and her children qualify as "protected address voters". Arizona's protected address voter laws ensure physical addresses are protected. As a participant in this program, Burk's voter registration is not supposed to be canceled because her address is not on record. In 2010 Arizona canceled Burk's voter registration, claiming it could not verify her physical address. Burk's address had not changed, nor was it legally accessible. By law, an alternate address is used. Burk was not notified of her canceled voter registration. During that time, Burk served as an elected School Board President. She lobbied and campaigned for the Arizona state legislature to carry out education reform and was a Congressional education committee advisor. Despite her political activity as an elected official, 10 years passed without Burk being notified the State changed her elector status.

Shortly before the 2020 election, the Secretary of State's office discovered the error. Burk was notified then. She was told, her registration should not have been canceled, then told to file a new voter registration form to correct the error. However, due to the protected address program restrictions, Burk could not register online. She had to submit paperwork by mail. Since Burk suffers from a life-threatening illness, she often endures extended hospital stays. During the 2020 election period and COVID pandemic, Burk suffered a long hospital stay with pneumonia. At the same time, the Ninth Circuit Court closed the extended registration dates. The protected address program requires a 7-10 day processing time for registration paperwork. The Ninth Circuit Court restricted registration to 48 hours, assuming voters could register online, contrary to Arizona's legal requirements. Burk was unable to re-register under those restricted conditions. Thus, Burk was denied her right to vote in the 2020 election.

As Burk single-handedly pursued her case through Arizona courts to the SCOTUS, Arizona Republican Party lawyer, Micheal Carvin, argued before the SCOTUS, "no one in Arizona was denied the right to vote and certainly no minorities were denied the right to vote in the Arizona 2020 election." Burk says Carvin is wrong. She is a minority, disabled, voter who was illegally denied her right to cast a vote in the Arizona 2020 election, while fraudulent ballots were counted.

Later, when Burk delivered her SCOTUS petition to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Recorder, she noticed dumpsters near the Maricopa County Election Center. The following day she returned with a Purple Heart Vet and discovered the dumpster contained a bag of mutilated documents: shredded 2020 election ballots, shredded logs, shredded voter registration forms, and other shredded election material that is supposed to be preserved under federal law §20701; all ballots and paper records are supposed to be kept for 22 months. County Recorder, Stephen Richer, claimed only dead voter’s ballots that could not be counted, were shredded and dumped despite clear direction in law to preserve all ballots and related materials.
Shortly after Burk retrieved the shredded ballots Arizona Republican Senate Majority Whip, Sonny Borrelli, contacted her. During the heated conversation, Borrelli criticized much of the Arizona state government for being: untrustworthy, capable of destroying the evidence, and said Burk would be killed if she didn't turn over the ballots to him if the police didn't get to her. An audio recording between Burk and Borrelli was published in the Arizona Mirror. In that recording, Senator Borelli "repeatedly advised Staci Burk. . . that she is in danger because she held the “domino” that would overturn the results of the presidential election. Don’t trust anyone, he said while urging her to give him the ballots. This is the domino. This is the one domino (that) Arizona knocks over and we expose this corruption then the other states fall, too."

As a result of threats for her safety, Burk asked the SCOTUS this week to take possession of the shredded ballots and sanction Maricopa County for destroying evidence in the pending case. She said the shredded ballots and mutilated documents in the tabulation center dumpster, along with the large fire at one of the Defendant County Board of Supervisor's farm, demonstrate evidence that the County is likely destroying evidence vital to the case. Burk argued to the SCOTUS that Sonny Borelli said, no one at the legislature or Attorney General's office can be trusted with the shredded ballots. She also points out that in 2018, the Arizona legislature voted unanimously to pass SB1452 removing ballot stubs and other election security measures. The majority-Republican Arizona legislature failed to safeguard the 2020 election by creating the context for widespread voter suppression and intentionally removing election security measures that could identify fraud on a later audit.

Burk's case in the Supreme Court is the last surviving 2020 election challenge case before any court. The SCOTUS will consider Burk's case on April 30, 2021.

Patricia Cohen

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U.S. Intervention Requested by Relatives of Missing Persons From Vavuniya, As No Assistance Is Available From SriLanka

Tamil Protestors in Vavuniya

American intervention requested by the relatives of the missing persons from Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

There are three obstacles for Tamils to achieve any progress with the Sinhalese. The first is Buddhist clergy, second Sinhala politicians, and finally the Sinhala public, elects racist politicians.”

— G. Rajkumar

VAVUNIYA, NORTHERN PROVINCE, SRI LANKA, April 16, 2021 / — Relatives of those who have been protesting in Vavuniya for the past 1515 days have publicly called for U.S. intervention to help address the Tamils’ problems.

This was announced as part of the campaign launched by the group today, the beginning of the Tamil New Year.

They continued to comment that

“We have not been able to find a single child who has been missing since 2009.

Since independence from the British, it has been clear that no solution can be reached by negotiating with the Sri Lankan government.

There are three obstacles for Tamils to achieve any progress with the Sinhalese. The first is Buddhist clergy, the second Sinhala politicians, and finally the Sinhala public, which always elects racist politicians to office.

Since February 2017, we have been asking for U.S. involvement in our struggle in Sri Lanka. This was rejected by most Tamil politicians and Tamil intellectuals.

Now, all Tamil politicians and intellectuals agree that U.S. intervention in the UNHRC is crucial.

We therefore urge all Tamil politicians to publicly ask for American help in helping Tamils politically and in locating our missing loved ones.

On this day, we collectively call for U.S. assistance in rescuing Tamils from Sinhala genocide and oppression.”

“The Tamil leaders must realize that another big demonstration is needed from Pottuvil to Polikandi, with thousands of American flags, demanding U.S. intervention in Sri Lanka. Otherwise, these Tamil political leaders are not for the Tamils, but only for their own well-being and their power,” said spokesman G. Rajkumar.

Link to Web:

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Carrie to Kamala: Getting women the vote was the first of many steps to the election of the first female vice president

victory with valor book cover

Without women voters, there would be no women in office. Read “Victory with Valor” by Barbara Robison for the story of women’s suffrage.

On April 30, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will complete their first 100 days in office. The novel “Victory with Valor” celebrates a much earlier milestone.

Fact and fiction blend seamlessly to create an engrossing behind-the-scenes story about this international suffrage hero.”

— Ellen Snortland, woman’s rights activist and author of "Beauty Bites Beast"

THOUSAND OAKS, CA , USA, April 16, 2021 / — Carrie Chapman Catt and Kamala were born more than a century apart but share a trailblazing spirit and ability to achieve goals.

Carrie, an Iowa farm girl, put herself through Iowa Agricultural College, the only woman in her graduating class. Kamala graduated from Howard University, a Black college in Washington D.C., and the University of California Law College.

Carrie’s career moved from law clerk, teaching, and giving speaking on woman suffrage, to leading the National American Woman Suffrage Association as president, succeeding Susan B. Anthony. Kamala’s career took the legal, political route as a California district attorney, state’s attorney, U.S. senator, and now the first female vice president.

Oddly, both women made history during pandemics. Carrie’s suffrage work was nearly derailed by the Spanish flu while Kamala campaigned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feminists and history scholars will study the vice president’s life and accomplishments for generations to come, and Americans have the 19th Amendment to thank. Without women voters, there would be no women candidates. "Victory with Valor" is inspired by the life, courage, commitment, and grassroots strategy of Carrie Chapman Catt, the remarkable leader of the women’s suffrage movement in America and a catalyst for getting the 19th Amendment passed.

"Victory with Valor" makes a thought-provoking book club choice and the perfect gift for fans of historical fiction. It is available on Amazon as a paperback or e-book.

– – – – –


The author’s grandfather was Carrie Chapman Catt’s cousin, so as a child she heard about Carrie’s work and her place in history. In 2020, she used her state’s stay-at-home order to concentrate on finishing "Victory with Valor" after years of research. Readers may ask her questions through her Goodreads page.

Barbara Robison
Victory with Valor
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Journalist Susanne Whatley interviews Barbara Robison about “Victory with Valor,” her novel based on the life of suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt.

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U.S. Congressional Candidate BO HINES D-5 NC receives major endorsement from Students for Trump Founder Ryan Fournier

founder Students for Trump

U.S. Congressional Candidate BO HINES D-5 NC receives major endorsement from Students for Trump Founder Ryan Fournier

I am honored to be endorsed by Ryan Fournier. Ryan is doing amazing work to revitalize the Republican party I look forward to working with him to share our positive vision for U.S.& North Carolina.”

— U.S. Congressional Candidate BO HINES

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 16, 2021 / — U.S. CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE BO HINES,, NC-5, received an outstanding endorsement today from Ryan Fournier, the founder of STUDENTS FOR TRUMP, and CO-CHAIR OF TURNING POINT ACTION.

Fournier said “I am proud to endorse Bo Hines for Congress to represent the people of North Carolina’s 5th District. Bo is a strong America First candidate who is running to enact term limits, to fight for fair trade and reinvestment in our country, and to revitalize the Republican party with increased youth involvement so we can win the culture war.”

Fournier also stated “Bo is running a positive grassroots campaign and has driven over 20,000 miles in the past few months alone to try to meet with every single voter in the district. We need leaders like Bo in Washington who will never forget the people they serve and who have the vision and drive to make this country greater than ever before.”

Hines said “I am honored to be endorsed by Ryan Fournier. Ryan is doing amazing work to revitalize the Republican party and increase youth involvement and I look forward to working with him to share our positive vision for North Carolina and America.”

Bo Hines’ Statement on Biden’s Gun Control Executive Order.

I strongly oppose the Biden administration’s executive action banning “ghost guns” and his calls for legislative changes to ban assault rifles and high-capacity gun magazines.

The Biden administration claims that these executive actions will solve a so-called “public health crisis” of gun violence. They will not. This is just another underhanded attempt by far-left Democrats to take away our fundamental constitutional rights.

I will never compromise on Americans’ right to bear arms. This is a fundamental right that allows us to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. Just as importantly, it allows us to protect all of our other rights from a tyrannical government.

Bo Hines’ Statement on Vaccine Passports
We strongly support the proposed legislation by the Ohio House of Representatives to combat recent attempts by Democrats to require so-called “vaccine passports.”
The Democrats’ efforts to implement vaccine passports would give the government and big tech companies unprecedented access to personal information. These policies would set the stage for draconian and tyrannical travel restrictions that we have seen in many failed socialist states.

We must continue to fight these policies at the state and federal levels to ensure that we do not devolve into a “show your papers” state.

In less than two weeks, his launch video received more than 200,000 views and in less than half a quarter of fundraising, his campaign amassed nearly a quarter of a million dollars, with an overwhelming majority of those donations coming from the state of North Carolina, sending a signal that BO HINES is the clear choice for congress for the 5th district, a major message to everyone that the 5th district of NC is ready for the positive change Bo Hines will bring to his district, state, and country.

Who is BO HINES? Hines was a freshman All-American wide receiver at NC State before he transferred to Yale, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. He worked in multiple congressional, gubernatorial, and state offices and is finishing his law degree at Wake Forest as he campaigns full time.

Hines said, “We are running a positive, heavily grassroots, America First campaign focused on developing relationships with constituents across the district, getting them excited about what we can do politically, and refurbishing the Republican party in our state.”

Hines said, “We want to meet every single voter and let them know they can reach out to us at any time.”

Bo Hines for Congress Campaign Manager, Karl Notturno, said “Bo is very responsive. Bo has gotten on the phone with a constituent within 32 seconds of the moment they signed up on our website. The average time isn’t that far off. We always want to meet with constituents in person and we will typically drive to meet them.”

Notturno also stated, “Bo believes politics has been far too divisive over the past two decades and that most Americans want great jobs, free speech, good healthcare, quality schools, safe streets, term limits, and honest leaders. Bo will never waver on his values.”

Hines stated, “We believe that the Republican party has been losing the narrative battle for decades, especially among the youth. We are the party of opportunity, growth, and life. We want people to succeed and communities to flourish. If we want to succeed, we must focus on promoting our positive vision of society in line with our values. This will sell far better than divisive fringe issues. It is easy to say what you’re against. It is far more constructive to say what you’re for.”

Hines believes, “Our country has great potential, but we have squandered it for too long. President Trump was a step in the right direction, but we must build momentum on his America First agenda to ensure that we can leave our children the future that we want. Establishment politicians have failed to produce real change. We are results oriented. We must be. Our futures and our children’s futures are at stake.”

Hines is engaged to Mary Charles. They will be married this July.


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Three Fellow Broward County Commissioners Endorse Barbara Sharief for U.S. Congress, District 20

Commissioner Mark Bogen

Broward County Commissioner Mark Bogen

Commissioner Lamar Fisher

Broward County Commissioner Lamar Fisher

Commissioner Tim Ryan

Broward County Commissioner Tim Ryan

Dr. Barbara Sharief, candidate for U.S. Congress District 20, has received the endorsements of Mark Bogen, Lamar Fisher and Tim Ryan.

Commissioner Barbara Sharief is the right person for the job.”

— Broward County Commissioner Lamar Fisher

BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2021 / — Dr. Barbara Sharief, candidate for U.S. Congress District 20 has received the endorsements of three fellow Broward County Commissioners: Mark Bogen, Lamar Fisher and Tim Ryan.

“I have worked with Barbara as a fellow Commissioner for six years. Barbara has demonstrated her commitment to helping the community and to getting things done. She would make a great Congresswoman,” said County Commissioner Mark Bogen.

“Commissioner Barbara Sharief is the right person for the job. She has shown steadfast leadership serving as Mayor of Broward County twice during some of our most turbulent times. She has a passion and commitment to our community and is knowledgeable on all of the issues we face. Her insight on healthcare, COVID, the Opioid crisis, and small business makes her a great fit for Congress. It is my pleasure and honor to support Commissioner Barbara Sharief for Congress,” said County Commissioner Lamar Fisher.

“I support Dr. Barbara Sharief for Congress because she does a great job advocating for the people of Broward County. She’s experienced on issues such as healthcare, business, economic development, and environmental issues. I’m confident that she can effectively address the issues of the District and I look forward to seeing her in Washington,” said County Commissioner Tim Ryan.

Earlier this week, Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay also endorsed Dr. Barbara Sharief.

For more information about Dr. Barbara Sharief, visit the campaign website at

Paid for by Friends of Barbara Sharief for Congress.

Friends of Barbara Sharief for Congress, 3351 N. University Drive, Davie, FL 33024

Barbara Sharief
Friends of Barbara Sharief for Congress
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Defense team for Venezuelan H.E. Alex Saab urge Cape Verdean authorities to honour international obligations

Africa is not a colony of the US and US cannot disregard the rule of law in African States and disobey the judgement of ECOWAS Court

Cape Verde has refused any bilateral diplomatic dialogue with the Republic of Venezuela.”

— Jose-Manuel Pinto Monteiro

PRAIA, CAPE VERDE, April 15, 2021 / — The defense team of H.E. Alex Saab, Venezuelan diplomat, unlawfully arrested in Cape Verde, held a press conference this morning providing a timely update on the detention of HE Mr Saab, who has now been in captivity for 308 days.

The Press Conference was led by Africa’s leading Human Rights lawyer Mr Femi Falana, SAN, and by leading Cape Verde constitutional and criminal lawyer Dr Jose-Manuel Pinto Monteiro, Mr Saab’s lead counsel in Cape Verde.

Mr Pinto in an emotional statement, having recently met with H.E. Saab, said that H.E. Saab had been deprived of his most basic human rights, humiliated, ill-treated and threatened. He said that H.E. Saab’s health had deteriorated. He also stated that “Cape Verde had refused and bilateral diplomatic dialogue with the Republic of Venezuela.”

“If every state behaved this way,” he added, “then there would be no international order.” Dr Pinto also noted that H.E. Saab wanted “to send a massive hug to my wife Camilla who has been my rock and also to all of my children who have been a huge source of comfort to me.”

Mr Falana echoed those views. When asked about a US frigate that had been sent last year to the coasts of West Africa, he accused the United States of America of trying to intimidate Cape Verde, and by extension Africa, by flexing its muscles : “We are calling on President Biden to walk the talk and when he talks of his commitment to restore law and order in his country, that this is also extended to other parts of the world.”

The lawyers felt the law was on their side and should Cape Verde continue to defy the ECOWAS court, the country risked economic sanctions and could see itself suspended from the community.

They also said that H.E. Saab did not risk early extradition until the higher courts had delivered their decision to the appeal that H.E. Saab lawyers had submitted.
The Ecowas Community Court of Justice (ECCJ) in Abuja on March 15 2021, declared that H.E. Alex Saab should be immediately released, that the extradition process against him be terminated and that he be compensated for what it declared as his unlawful detention.

H.E. Alex Saab, a lawfully appointed Venezuelan Special Envoy, and Alternate Permanent Representative to the African Union, was detained by Cape Verdean authorities on 12 June 2020, in response it was claimed, to an international arrest warrant circulated by INTERPOL which had in turn been issued on the basis of an alleged Red Notice issued at the request of the United States. At the time of his arrest, neither the copy of the arrest warrant nor the alleged Red Notice were presented to H.E. Saab.

H.E. Saab is accused by US prosecutors in Miami of money laundering offences in connection with a contract to build houses for a social welfare programme launched during President Hugo Chavez’s time in office. Those charges have been left looking politically motivated after money laundering charges against H.E. Saab, linked to the same contracts, were recently dropped by the Geneva Prosecutors for lack of evidence after a 3 year investigation.

The ECCJ noted in its ruling that the Red Notice was only issued after Mr Saab’s arrest and that there was no arrest warrant, thus making the extradition request purely political.

On 16 March, in direct defiance of the binding ECCJ 15 March Ruling, the Cape Verde Supreme Court of Justice approved the extradition of Mr Saab to the United States. This action goes against the ECOWAS Treaty and various protocols which established the ECCJ. Continued failure to comply with the 15 March Ruling Cape Verde risks being sanctioned by ECOWAS.

The decision of Cape Verde Supreme Court of Justice is now being appealed to the Constitutional court of the Republic of Cape Verde.

It is pertinent to note that the Supreme Court of Cape Verde held that it is left to the Executive to take a decision on the diplomatic status of Mr Saab.

Both Mr Falana and Dr Pinto called for Cape Verde to honour its international treaty obligations and release the diplomat.

The African Bar Association’s (AfBA) has also entered the debate and warned of serious consequences for ECOWAS’s raison d’être and a potential splintering of the organisation if Cape Verde’s non-compliance goes unchallenged by the regional group.

Legal Defense Team
Ambassador H.E. Alex Saab
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