Enterprise Holdings Theft Victim to IBM: High Resolution Photographic Cloud Technology Urgently Needed

Enterprise car with subsequent damage that is 'pinned' on crime victim to legitimize claim

Enterprise car with subsequent damage that is ‘pinned’ on crime victim to legitimize claim

National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ scam victim asks IBM corporation to develop powerful solution to protect public from routine and easy-to-perpetuate scams

Enterprise has been accused of running a ding-and-dent scam so often by readers of this site, I’ve lost count.”

— Christopher Elliott, Consumer Advocate at Elliott.org

ARMONK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today its public plea to the IBM Corporation for innovative and effective technology solutions to protect USA citizens, as well as our sisters and brothers who visit from around the world, from predatory behavior and fraud perpetrated with frequency and ease by rental car agencies exploiting the good faith and fair dealing covenant.

The technology is also desperately needed because of unconscionable adhesion contracts and predatory forced arbitration, as well as the absence of federal uniform and predictable standards cherished by the industry today.

Related: Alliance for Justice: Forced Arbitration is taking away one of your most basic rights; join us in fighting back — https://www.afj.org/multimedia/first-monday-films/films/lost-in-the-fine-print

“As a theft victim – like so many others across the nation — of a systematic ‘ding and dent’ rental rip-off encounter, I know first-hand how easy these crimes are committed against honest and unsuspecting victims,” acknowledged David Howe, National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ scam victim. “I also have become intimately familiar with the sophistication of these financial fraud schemes, including the extraordinary efforts agencies will pursue to secure the financial fraud — which makes exposing and eliminating these dishonest activities both critical and challenging.

“Moreover, the car rental industry is pointedly banking on consumers who trust that the agency will behave ethically; thankfully, the vast majority of agents are ethical and honest. Nevertheless, when a vehicle is assigned, many of the major car rental companies have what they call an ‘Expedient’ rental process. That process is really a liability-in-waiting because consumers are constantly held accountable for damages that are pre-existing. Worse, consumers are held accountable without the agency having an iota of evidence for responsibility. It’s the very reason our society desperately needs technology solutions to eliminate – or at least significantly mitigate – the easy-to-commit scams that have plagued consumers, state attorney general offices across the USA, legislators, and others to name a few.

“For the record, Alamo and National specifically engage in ‘Expedient’ rentals and this should be a particular concern for lawmakers and consumers alike. The undeniable fact is that ‘Expedient’ rental practices expose the public to incredible financial risk,” Howe stressed.

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (FOX News) – Man says rental car company charging for damage that doesn’t exist — https://kdvr.com/2016/06/06/man-says-rental-car-company-charging-for-damage-that-doesnt-exist/

“And it’s worth repeating that a critical part of the ‘Expedient’ process is the biased adhesion contract that contains one-sided arbitration clauses designed to disadvantage consumers in incredible ways. Moreover, the agencies intentionally avoid clear disclosure informing renters of the significant financial risks, particularly because they know unsuspecting renters are relying on the good faith covenant when they enter the vehicle and drive away. And to add salt to the wound of the predatory scams — once the agency implicates the innocent renter — the agencies boast that consumers have virtually no standing or due process in a court of law. It’s shocking in a nation where due process and the rule of law is so fundamental.

Listen to Enterprise agent eagerly announce the company’s arbitration policy designed to keep consumers far away from open court dockets and jury trials: https://soundcloud.com/user-370781554/howe-damage-recovery-unit-cannot-sue-no-due-process

Related: Forced Arbitration Protects Sexual Predators and Corporate Wrongdoing — https://nwlc.org/blog/forced-arbitration-protects-sexual-predators-and-corporate-wrongdoing/

“Indeed, it’s obvious to any observer who travels routinely and rents frequently that many consumers never give the car a second look but instead anticipate fair and honest treatment at rental return,” said Howe. “And even if a consumer does look the car over, it’s easy to miss a ding here, a dent there, and a stain or two on the interior, for example. It all translates into myriads of opportunities to cash-in on a consumer's insurance or credit card policy by eager rental agencies looking to increase revenue in very dramatic terms.

“It simply must be proclaimed that the liability threat to the renter isn’t dependent on pre-existing vehicle condition, regardless of minor ‘wear and tear’ or worse. Rather, it has to do with the consumer diligence – or lack of — to carefully document every square inch of the vehicle’s condition before driving off the lot.

“Failing to document – and relying on trust and fair dealing – can mean a very time-consuming and very expensive punitive treatment.

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (CBC) – Enterprise Rent-A-Car credits customer $4,000 after Go Public investigates — http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/enterprise-rent-a-car-improperly-charges-customer-1.3466025

“Yes, there’s a reason that agencies rely on rudimentary damage slips and ‘Expeident’ rental protocols,” Howe insisted. “The reason involves enormous sums of money absconded by the industry through predatory – and in my case – fraudulent practices.

“Frankly, it begs the question: Why, in an era of high-quality and inexpensive digital photographic technology, are rental agencies not using technology that would virtually eliminate questions of liability? Moreover, why are lawmakers allowing agencies to operate without the technology when the existence of consumer harms is so apparent? It simply defies logic when one ponders with logic, honesty, and common-sense.

“So that’s why I’m today calling on the IBM corporation for help and, in particular, business and technological expertise. Because I’m convinced that consumers empowered with efficient and powerful technology that includes comprehensive photographic documentation of vehicle condition preserved with secure cloud technology would significantly limit the theft scams routinely perpetrated against innocent individuals.

“On a related note, I found myself particularly motivated and inspired by the statement from IBM Chairman, President, and CEO Ginny Rometty,” continued Howe. “The chief executive said the following about IBM: ‘We remain dedicated to leading the world into a more prosperous and progressive future; to creating a world that is fairer, more diverse, more tolerant, more just’.

“There should be no doubt that I strongly agree with Ginny’s vision,” confirmed Howe. “And more specifically as it relates to bad acts that harm consumers with consistency and impunity, the idea of using technology to make the world fairer couldn’t be more germane.

Related: Enterprise Rental Scam (CBS News) – Enterprise Car Rental Company charges $500 for phantom hail damage — https://denver.cbslocal.com/2016/05/11/enterprise-rent-a-car-hail-damage-refund/

“From my perspective, — and having more than a decade successfully interacting with IBM server technology — it’s also a logical conclusion that a company like IBM would lead the effort.

“So please, IBM Corporation…hear this crime victim’s plea. Hear the pleas from our fellow citizens and visitors who’ve been — and who will become — financially exploited. Please take this task on and get to work on this important technology initiative. And once it’s ready for production, know that that this victim will take your solution to Congress and demand its implementation.

“Lobbying Congress to protect fellow humanity from predatory business practices…that’s a promise that I’m looking forward to pursuing with vigor and pleasure,” concluded National Car Rental ‘ding and dent’ fraud victim Howe. “The time for a ‘renter’s bill of rights’ with explicit federally mandated consumer protections is now!”

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About SubscriberWise

SubscriberWise® launched as the first issuing consumer reporting agency exclusively for the cable industry in 2006. The company filed extensive documentation and end-user agreements to access TransUnion’s consumer database. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s cable operators (http://newsroom.transunion.com/transunion-and-subscriberwise-announce-joint-marketing-agreement). Today SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

SubscriberWise contributions to the communications industry are quantified in the billions of dollars annually.

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Only two weeks left to submit for Essay Competition in Honor of the late Criminal Defense Attorney Deron Castro

News 12 New York, Interview with Deron Castro (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

News 12 New York, Interview with Deron Castro (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

Deron Castro in the courtroom with a client (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

Deron Castro in the courtroom with a client (Mr. Castro and Mr. Patrick Megaro often cooperated in cases)

Website AppealsLawGroup, Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Website AppealsLawGroup, Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Patrick Megaro, Attorney, on Today Exclusive Television

Patrick Megaro, Attorney, on Today Exclusive Television

Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Attorney

Patrick Michael Megaro, Criminal Defense Attorney

Upcoming deadline in 2 weeks for Essay Competition based on Deron Castro Memorial Scholarship, announced by his colleague Patrick Megaro

Halscott Megaro PA (N/A:N/A)

If I or anyone in my family was charged with a crime, I would have hired Deron Castro. He was hands down one of the best trial attorneys in New York and in the country.”

— Patrick Megaro, Defense Lawyer

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Law Firm of Halscott Megaro PA is reminding law students that there are only two weeks left to submit an Essay for the writing competition in Honor of the late Criminal Defense Attorney Deron Castro.

Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Michael Megaro, the Senior Partner at Halscott Megaro, P.A. had recently announced the creation of the Deron Castro Memorial Scholarship. Deron Castro, a New York criminal defense attorney par excellence, departed this Earth too soon and too suddenly in late July 2018. He will not be forgotten by his family, his children, his colleagues whose respect he earned, and his many grateful clients whom he served in over 24 years of his law practice. He sought justice for many unjustly accused. He took more than 90 criminal cases to trial, winning the vast majority of them.

Only days earlier, in early July 2018, Deron had a major win in the Queen’s County Supreme Court when the judge agreed to throw out evidence against the defendant in a murder case after a pre-trial hearing. The District Attorney sought to introduce statements of the defendant made during an interrogation by homicide detectives. After carefully cross-examining the detective at the hearing, Castro was able to persuade the judge to suppress the evidence by citing past cases where similar evidence was tossed out. It is quite unusual for a judge to suppress a defendant's own statements, let alone to have them suppressed in a murder case. Few attorneys could accomplish such a feat in court. Deron was one of them.

In his honor, Halscott Megaro, P.A. will be hosting its Annual Essay Writing Competition, which is open to all current full-time and part-time enrolled students in an ABA accredited law school. One winner will be selected and will receive a $1000.00 scholarship award from the Deron Castro Memorial Scholarship.

Deron Castro, Esq. was a personal friend and colleague of Patrick Michael Megaro. Mr. Castro started his career at The Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Division, in Queens, New York as a public defender before going into private practice. Mr. Castro and Mr. Megaro also later cooperated criminal cases, such as the successful appeal in People v. Small (2011), see https://caselaw.findlaw.com/ny-supreme-court/1565846.html.

He was well-known and respected as one of the most successful and skilled criminal defense attorneys, securing acquittal after acquittal for his clients. A fearless advocate, he provided nothing but the highest caliber of representation to his loyal and dedicated clientele.

States Mr. Megaro, “If I or anyone in my family was charged with a crime, I would have hired Deron Castro. He was hands down one of the best trial attorneys in New York and in the country. Castro won with his skill, preparation, and fighting spirit. He was highly respected by other criminal defense lawyers and feared by prosecutors.”

Outside of the courtroom, Deron Castro was a loving and devoted father of three and caring husband. Always involved in his children’s activities, one could find Mr. Castro running from basketball practice to dance recitals at night and on the weekends. He was known for his kindness, generosity, and perpetual positive attitude which impacted all those around him.

This Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of one of the great lawyers in New York City, and the United States, to ever grace a courtroom with his presence.


The scholarship is open to all current full-time and part-time matriculated students in an ABA accredited law school.

How to Apply:

For applying the essay contest, the candidates must write a 1000 word or fewer essay on the following topic:
What makes the difference between a good and a great criminal defense attorney?

Deron certainly was one of those great attorneys, but what exactly makes a criminal attorney “great”? Here is a starting point. One criminal defenses attorney suggests that four qualities are necessary to be at least “good”: “[1] The single most important thing a criminal defense lawyer can do is over-investigate their case. It is the probably the biggest single difference in lawyers, how much independent investigation they do. …. [2] Everyone knows that criminal defense lawyers must be strong negotiators. … There are really only two factors that should be considered in negotiation: what does this person deserve and what is the likelihood of conviction if the case proceeds to trial (what is the strength of the case). … [3] Third, provide a technical legal defense. This is the kind of thing you learn in law books. Read the discovery. Read the law. Reread the discovery. Reread the law. There is usually something to argue about. … [4] In my opinion, the toughest skill, is being able to win at trial. Not many lawyers will take tough cases to trial. …” Robert King, “What makes a good criminal lawyer?”, see https://www.robertkinglawfirm.com/blog/2017/may/what-makes-a-good-criminal-lawyer-/ (2017)

Submission Details:

Your essay must be submitted via email to info@appealslawgroup.com and must be in Word or PDF format.
In the alternative, the applicant may submit a 5-minute or less video essay. The video must be a closeup of the applicant, giving their essay as a lecture or speech, addressing the camera directly and must have a green screen in the background. Editing is permitted.

The essay must be submitted along with a short bio on the applicant, a passport-style photograph of the applicant, and a release permitting publication of the photograph and the essay (or video) by Halscott Megaro, P.A., its agents or assigns.

Award Amount:

The $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded to the winning candidate.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for essay submission is September 1, 2018
The winner will be announced September 8, 2018

Halscott Megaro, P.A. is a law firm dedicated to the pursuit of justice, focusing on criminal and civil appeals, post-conviction relief, criminal defense, clemency advocacy, and civil rights advocacy.

Website: https://www.appealslawgroup.com
Attorney Profile: https://criminal-defense-attorney.squarespace.com/patrick-michael-megaro-esq/
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-michael-megaro-%E2%AD%90-877b284/
Attorney Profile: https://solomonlawguild.com/patrick-michael-megaro
Better Business Bureau Profile: https://www.bbb.org/central-florida/business-reviews/attorneys-and-lawyers/appeals-law-group-in-orlando-fl-90326269
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/patrickmichael.megaro.9

Patrick Megaro
Halscott Megaro, P.A.
(407) 255-2164
email us here

New York City Appeals Attorney Patrick Megaro, Criminal Defense New York

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Women in SATCOM to discuss the National Defence Authorisation Act 2018 at Global MilSatCom

Expert all female SATCOM panellists to discuss the National Defence Authorisation Act 2018 at this year’s Global MilSatCom event

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — SMi are delighted to announce that the 20th annual Global MilSatCom conference, taking place 6th – 8th November in London, will feature a new, all female panel discussion on ‘What the National Defence Authorisation Act 2018 Means for SATCOM’.

Led by senior military and industry representatives from the US, the panellists include:

• Ms Deanna Ryals, Chief, International Programmes Division, Military Satellite Communications Systems (MILSATCOM) Directorate, Space and Missiles System Center (SMC), Air Force Space Command, US Air Force

• Ms Sandra Erwin, National Security Reporter, Space News

• Ms Clare Grason, Division Chief, Satellite Communications, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

• Ms Andrea Loper, Acquisition Program Manager, Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate, US Air Force

Key talking points of the panel discussion include:

• SATCOM in a contested world – current communication challenges and where they can be overcome

• National Security Space Provisions within the legislation, moving towards consideration of space as a unique domain

• Protected satellite communication services within NDAA, an overview of assessments of waveforms, terminals and ground segment sections

• What NDAA means for government-industry cooperation in space and enhancing US space enterprise

• How the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) will be developed in the wake of NDAA – ring-fencing survivability and security requirements

• An outline of the roadmap for military satellite requirements and enhancing the use of commercial constellations

When discussing the panel, Andrea Loper, Acquisition Program Manager, Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate for the US Air Force said:

“Since I began working for the Air Force in 2008, there has been much rhetoric at space symposia and conferences identifying the problems resulting from an increasingly contested, congested and competitive space environment." … "The need for speed and agility is the new of the coin of the realm in military space and, if the U.S. wishes to remain relevant, policies, guidance and a culture adverse to risk must evolve to: enable international partnerships, develop new applications and acquire rapidly space-based assets.”

Sandra Erwin, National Security Reporter at Space News also quoted:

"It’s a pivotal time for U.S. military satcom. The Defense Department just completed an analysis of alternatives for wideband communications — and at the same time it is being directed by the Congress to submit a strategy and create a program office for commercial satcom services. Yes, a lot to digest. I look forward to the discussion at Global MilSatCom."

Just one of the four expert led panel discussions exclusive to Global MilSatcom 2018.

The three-day event is an ideal forum to raise questions, to share the experience and knowledge among 500+ decision makers from the Government and Military, as well as leading international industry professionals.

There will also be a pre-conference focus day on 5th November, entitled: ‘Small Satellites and Disruptive Technology’. More information on the conference and focus day can be found on the event website.

Registrations for the conference made by the 28th September will receive a £100 discount.

Bookings, exclusive event content and the latest agenda is available at:

Lead Sponsor: SES Networks | Gold Sponsor: Airbus | Sponsors: COMSAT, Eutelsat, GOVSAT, Hughes, Intelsat General (IGC), Kratos, Laser Communications Coalition, Lockheed Martin, Newtec, Raytheon, SES GS, Thales, Viasat | Exhibitors: Baader Planetarium GMBH, Comtech Telecommunications Corp., Datapath, Inster, Integrasys, SCISYS, XTAR, US Air Force

Opportunities for industry to sponsor, exhibit and contribute to the conference are extremely limited. For details on how your company can get involved please contact: Alia Malick on: +44 (0) 207 827 6168 or email: amalick@smi-online.co.uk


20th Annual Global MilSatCom
Conference: 6th – 8th November 2018
Focus Day: 5th November 2018
London, UK

About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

Shannon Cargan
SMi Group
email us here

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Upcoming Georgia Public Policy Foundation Events

 'Policy Over Politics' August 23 at the 1818 Club in Duluth.

Join Kyle Wingfield for ‘Policy Over Politics’ August 23 at the 1818 Club in Duluth.

Kyle Wingfield talks 'Policy Over Politics' at 1818 Club Aug. 23; Hear state, national experts at Georgia Legislative Policy Forum Sept. 7

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, August 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — You are invited to two upcoming events to learn about the commonsense ideas the Georgia Public Policy Foundation brings to Georgia to help ease some of the state's biggest burdens.

*Register today to attend "Policy Over Politics," an 8 a.m. Leadership Breakfast on Wednesday, August 23 at the 1818 Club in Duluth, Ga. The keynote speaker is Kyle Wingfield, president and CEO of the Foundation. Learn how the Foundation develops and promotes sound policies among Georgia’s candidates, elected officials and policymakers, and how those policy decisions touch Georgians’ lives on a daily basis.

This event, which is open to the public, is $20 to attend. Register online for "Policy Over Politics" by Tuesday, August 21, or make your check out to Georgia Public Policy Foundation (memo: Policy) and mail to 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 214, Atlanta GA 30339.

**Register to attend the 2018 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum on Friday, September 7, at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly. This daylong event targeting our state's elected officials, policymakers and interested citizens will feature state and national experts sharing state-focused ideas for teacher pension reform, health care reform and education innovation.

The Forum, which is open to the public, is $100 to attend and includes breakfast and lunch. Register online here for the 2018 Georgia Legislative Policy Forum by Wednesday, September 5, or make your check out to Georgia Public Policy Foundation (memo: Forum) and mail to 3200 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Suite 214, Atlanta GA 30339.

MEDIA WHO WISH TO ATTEND MUST CONTACT BENITA DODD at benitadodd@georgiapolicy.org.

ABOUT THE GEORGIA PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION: The Foundation, established in 1991, is a nonprofit, independent, state-focused think tank that proposes market-oriented approaches to public policy to improve the lives of Georgians. The Think Tanks and Civil Society Program has ranked the Foundation as one of the “Best Independent Think Tanks” in its 2017 Global Go-To Think Tank Index, released in February 2018. Regular events include Leadership Breakfasts and Policy Briefing Luncheons. Weekly publications are the Friday Facts and Friday Idea commentaries.

Benita Dodd
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
email us here

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Opportunity to Experience One of the Most Pivotal Points in American History

Gettysburg offers hundreds of choices in great food and shopping .

Great opportunity to explore history and enjoy local venues.

Opportunity to enter is now open, but time is limited, so be sure to enter now.

Distinctive and unique hand crafted products made in America.

Local Company Offers Trip to Historic Gettysburg

Gettysburg is perhaps the most important small town in the country if not the world.”

— Cary Gregory

GETTYSBURG, PA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — It was announced today that for a limited time, GettysGear, a Gettysburg based business is offering a chance to win a trip to the historic town of Gettysburg, PA where many say the direction of the United States was changed forever. For three days in July of 1863, over 150,000 troops met on the battlefield in what turned out to be the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War.

According to Cary Gregory, President of GettysGear, “Gettysburg is perhaps the most important small town in the country if not the world. Countless acts of bravery, heroism, commitment and leadership were demonstrated throughout July 1st, 2nd & 3rd on the battlefield and by the town’s inhabitants which changed the course of history.” While Gettysburg yielded over 51,000 casualties, more than any other battle of the Civil War, it also served as part of a significant shift in the ultimate outcome of the war and the country as a whole.

The Battle of Gettysburg proved to be so significant that Abraham Lincoln accepted an invitation to make a few brief remarks during a special ceremony. This November 19th marks the 155thth anniversary of President Lincoln’s now iconic Gettysburg Address and has been selected as the date that the GettysGear Getaway trip winner will be selected. “We believe Gettysburg has so much to offer in both history and hospitality, that we want to invite more visitors to experience it first hand and this is what prompted us to create the Getaway” Gregory said.

There is much to see and do in and around the Gettysburg area. Without question, anyone interested in American or world history needs to come and take in the sights and experiences that the town has to offer. In addition to learning about the historical impact of the area, there are many options for great food, brewpubs, distilleries, tours, golf and shopping. “Over 46 million people live within a 200 mile radius of Gettysburg and we hope that they would all come for a visit…just not all at once”, Gregory shared with a chuckle. “As we like to say, come for the history…stay for the hospitality”, he added.

The GettysGear Getaway winner will enjoy accommodations at the beautiful Swope Manor Bed and Breakfast located in downtown Gettysburg. In addition to a place to stay, several meal options, a tour, a GettysGear gift certificate and some cash to help with travel expenses make up the grand prize package. Entry is available online and open to anyone 18 years or older and a legal U. S. resident.

GettysGear makes and sell products made in Gettysburg, PA and is located in an old carriage house built in 1836 located at 28 N. Stratton St in Gettysburg. Both on-line and at the store, you can find the proprietary lines of Great Gettysburg Tobacco Co. cigars, hand cast aluminum, Great Gettysburg Coffee Company coffee, pottery and more.

Cary Gregory
email us here

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Judge Aurora Martinez Jones Elected to the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Board of Directors

The NCJFCJ is the Nation’s Oldest Judicial Membership Organization

The NCJFCJ has elected Aurora Martinez Jones, associate judge, Travis County, Texas, to the NCJFCJ Board of Directors.

Judge Martinez Jones is a creative, hard working, compassionate, smart, courageous and a tireless advocate and judge for the safety of children and families.”

— Judge Darlene Byrne

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — (Austin, Texas) – The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) has elected Aurora Martinez Jones, associate judge, Travis County, Texas, to the NCJFCJ Board of Directors.

“Judge Martinez Jones exemplifies the future of the NCJFCJ,” said Judge John J. Romero, Jr., NCJFCJ president. “Her extraordinary work for children and families in Austin is a forward-thinking example and a new wave of judicial leadership in the community.”

Aurora Martinez Jones is an appointed associate judge in Travis County (Austin, Texas) and was sworn in on January 2, 2015. She is from La Porte, Texas, a suburb of Houston, and attended college at The University of Texas at Austin where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and a minor in Spanish. She then attended law school at The University of Texas School of Law and upon receiving her law license; she started her own law firm, The Martinez Jones Law Firm, PLLC. As an attorney, Martinez Jones practiced primarily in child welfare law, personal injury, probate, real estate, family law, and civil litigation.

Judge Martinez Jones is a child welfare law specialist, certified by the National Association of Counsel for Children, and has extensive experience working with parents suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Currently, her judicial position is dedicated to the child welfare dockets in Travis County including the specialty Family Drug Treatment Court.

She is currently the chair-elect for the Texas Children’s Justice Act Task Force, is the past president of the Austin Black Lawyers Association and is the former chair of the Austin Court Appointed Family Advocates (CAFA). Judge Martinez Jones is active in both the local Austin Bar Association and Texas State Bar through her service on various committees. She is also a Texas Bar Foundation Fellow and a member of the Robert W. Calvert American Inn of Court.

“I have the privilege of working with Judge Martinez Jones daily, presiding over all the dependency cases in our county,” said Judge Darlene Byrne, NCJFCJ past president, Travis County, Texas. “She is a creative, hard working, compassionate, smart, courageous and a tireless advocate and judge for the safety of children and families. With her in this leadership role, I know the NCJFCJ will continue to be strong and remain as the voice for children and families who seek justice in our courts around the nation.”

Judge Aurora Martinez Jones stays active on social media and can be connected with at:
Facebook: @JudgeAuroraMJ
Twitter: @JudgeAurora

About the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ):
Founded in 1937, the Reno, Nev.-based National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, is the nation’s oldest judicial membership organization and focused on improving the effectiveness of our nation’s juvenile and family courts. A leader in continuing education opportunities, research, and policy development in the field of juvenile and family justice, the 2,000-member organization is unique in providing practice-based resources to jurisdictions and communities nationwide.

Chrisie Yabu
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New Paper Captures Pain, Suffering, and Anxiety Inflicted on Patients with Cancer by Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Community Oncology Alliance Releases Fourth in Series of True Patient-PBM Horror Stories

It is unbelievable that policymakers could read these PBM horror stories and think the current stranglehold these middlemen have on cancer patients and our entire health care system is a good thing”

— Ted Okon, executive director of COA

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) continues to expose the inhumane pain, suffering, and anxiety inflicted by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) on patients with cancer with the release of another paper documenting real-life PBM horror stories.

Telling the real stories of cancer patients and oncology professionals across the country, the paper “Danger, Delay, Denial: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Horror Stories” features stories provided to COA by community oncology practices. The serious, sometimes dangerous, stories include PBM bureaucracies causing severe lapses in a leukemia patient’s care; filling prescriptions with the wrong dosage; and standing in the way of timely treatment while a patient’s window of opportunity to treat a deadly breast cancer closed.

• Read the full COA PBM paper “Danger, Delay, Denial: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Horror Stories.”

The paper’s release comes at a time when the federal government appears to be suffering from a split personality on the issue of health care middlemen, decrying their negative influence one day while putting forth changes that will increase their influence on our health care system the next. The government has recently proposed a slew of changes, including that some, or all, of Medicare Part B medications be shifted to fall into Part D, which is currently dominated by the negative influence of PBMs. The government also just released guidance that insurance middlemen, some of which own PBMs, can require first-fail step therapy for Part B and D medications in Medicare Advantage, which could impact up to a third of Medicare patients.

Increasing the power and prevalence of corporate PBMs and insurance middlemen at a time when both policymakers and the public are pushing back against their negative influence, just does not make sense. There is vast evidence that the incompetence and greed of middlemen have not only failed to reduce drug prices but has ironically caused them to increase thanks to the network of shadowy rebates and discounts siphoned off by middlemen. And, as this horror stories series clearly demonstrates, this has all been done at the expense of cancer patients who are left to suffer.

“It is unbelievable that policymakers could read these PBM horror stories and think the current stranglehold these corporate middlemen have on cancer patients and our entire health care system is a good thing. Unfortunately, the administration does not seem to have received this message and is advancing new policies and proposals that are absolutely terrible for Medicare patients,” said Ted Okon, executive director of COA. “It’s time to take decisive action to stop PBM abuses and the patient harm that they inflict. Not one more patient or family facing a devastating disease like cancer should suffer because of these unaccountable middlemen.”

This is the fourth in a series of papers produced by COA that exposes the abuses of PBMs. The first, “Delay, Waste, and Cancer Treatment Obstacles: The Real-Life Patient Impact of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM)” was released in April at the 2017 Community Oncology Conference; the second, “Unaccountable Benefit Managers: Real Horror Stories of How PBMs Hurt Patient Care” was released in June 2017; the third, “Bureaucracy, Deadly Delays, and Apathy: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Horror Stories” was released last September along with the launch of www.PBMAbuses.com as a place to support patient education and advocacy on PBM issues. Visitors to the site can access the patient horror stories series, educational videos, advocacy resources, and more.

Read the full read the full COA PBM paper “Danger, Delay, Denial: Pharmacy Benefit Manager Horror Stories” at http://bit.ly/pbmhorrorstoriesv4

Community Oncology Alliance
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Nicolas Ferreyros

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Workman Law Office, PA Named One of the Top 20 Criminal Defense Law Firms in Jacksonville, Florida

"Clients Praise Workman's Integrity and Devotion to Helping Others" — Expertise, LLC

OCALA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Workman Law Office, PA has been named one of the Top 20 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida for 2018 by Expertise, LLC, an internet-based company that vets service providers nationwide using an algorithm designed to objectively identify only the best. To determine this year’s 20 Best, Expertise analyzed 184 criminal defense firms and individual attorneys in Jacksonville using more than 25 variables across 5 different categories identified as Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism.

“Unlike most other websites and directories,” its website explains, “a business can’t pay to be included on Expertise. This gives our users the confidence to find and connect with exceptional businesses that are objectively qualified and authentically well-reviewed.”

Founded in Gainesville, Florida in 2002, The Law Office of Dale E Workman, PA relocated to Jacksonville in 2004 and changed its name to Workman Law Office, PA. Since that time, it has provided individuals and businesses with client-focused service in both civil and criminal matters throughout northeast Florida, with a specific focus on protecting, preserving, and advocating for the rights of those accused of criminal conduct at all levels of the state and federal justice system.

In recognition of that client focus, Expertise noted in bestowing this honor that, “Clients praise Workman’s integrity and devotion to helping others.”

Dale E. Workman, Esq., the owner and sole proprietor of Workman Law Office, PA, was admitted to the Florida Bar and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida in 1999, and to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011. He graduated from Stetson University College of Law with a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in 1997, after graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Political Science in 1993. He also earned a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management at the University of North Florida in 2014, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree at the same institution.

Dale E Workman, Esq
Workman Law Office, PA
(352) 606-0159
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RUSSIA BEEFING UP ITS NAVY: Should the US Military be Worried?

Losing Military Supremacy

Andrei Martyanov

New book says the US is losing military supremacy

Martyanov’s must-read book is the ultimate Weapon of Myth Destruction (WMD). And unlike the Saddam Hussein version, this one actually exists.”

— Pepe Escobar, AsiaTimes

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, August 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Russia has just announced that it intends to add 26 new ships to its Navy—only the latest in a string of military announcements that first began with Putin’s landmark March 1, 2018 speech in which he talked about “a new generation of missiles,” Russia’s new weapons systems and his country’s military preparedness.

Then on May 9, Russia again celebrated its annual March of the Immortals, commemorating its World War II fighters in a war in which it suffered over 20 million casualties.

President Trump countered with plans for an American military parade, though the US military has not had much to celebrate recently.

Is the US already trailing Russia, not only in parades, but elsewhere? Even though the industrial-military-intel-security complex profits from a compounded annual budget of roughly US$1 trillion?

A new book by former Soviet military expert Andrei Martyanov, "Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning," raises the possibility that the US military is a “Hollow Force” and sheds light on the true measurements of military power.

In a review titled “The Real Reason Why the US Must Talk to Russia,” recently published in AsiaTimes/Hong Kong, Pepe Escobar writes:

“Martyanov goes all the way to explain how the latest Russian weapons systems present immense strategic – and historical – ramifications. The missile gap between the US and Russia is now ‘a technological abyss,’ with ballistic missiles ‘capable of trajectories which render any kind of anti-ballistic defense useless.’ Star Wars and its derivatives are now – to use a Trumpism – ‘obsolete.’”

But "Losing Military Supremacy" provides much more than a dense technological analysis, or a run through corruption or cost over-runs.

As Military analyst The Saker notes:

“Martyanov takes a systematic and step-by-step approach: first, he defines military power, then he explains where the myth of US military superiority came from and how the US rewriting of the history of WWII resulted in a complete misunderstanding, especially at the top political levels, of the nature of modern warfare. He then discusses the role ideology and the Cold War played in further exacerbating the detachment of US leaders from reality. Finally, he demonstrates how a combination of delusional narcissism and outright corruption resulted in a US military capable of wasting truly phenomenal sums of money on “defense” while at the same time resulting in an actual force unable to win a war against anything but a weak and defenseless enemy…”

Martyanov is uniquely equipped to make such an assessment. Born in Baku, USSR in 1963, graduated from the Kirov Naval Red Banner Academy and served as an officer on the ships and staff position of Soviet Coast Guard. In the mid-1990s to the United States where he currently works as Laboratory Director of a commercial aerospace group, and is a frequent blogger on the US Naval Institute Blog.

It’s not just that the Russian military has surged ahead at far less cost, Martyanov contends. Drinking their own propaganda Kool-Aid has left American strategic planners badly out of touch with their own and Russian history, as well as contemporary geopolitics and global re-alignments. This impairs their strategic future planning ability, and of greater concern, raises the possibility of their making faulty and narcissistic assessments and taking mistaken actions.

And that could be a threat to us all.


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Business Manager
Clarity Press
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Cuomo financially exploiting the disabled

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must be stopped, he is involved in covering-up thousands of sexual assaults, rapes and deaths of people with disabilities

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sinister scheme involves wide-scale exploitation of New Yorkers with disabilities

Upwards of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities are being used for financial exploitation, they are being used by New York State officials and well connected people to enrich themselves.”

— Michael Carey – Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Jonathan Carey Foundation through extensive research and hard work has uncovered a corruption scheme in which people with disabilities are being used as if expendable pawns in a chess game. Upwards of 1,000,000 New Yorkers with disabilities are being used for financial exploitation, they are being used by New York State officials and well connected people to enrich themselves. Federal law requires state and federal funds not to be used for financial exploitation, but where there is lawlessness and basically no regard for the laws anything goes, which appears to be the case throughout New York State. The corruption in New York State is coming out of the woodwork on all levels as everyone is witnessing in the news and this unconscionable corruption must come to light as well.

Here is how this corruption scheme works; it always starts with the money. People with disabilities need services outside of their homes, this is a great need. At the same time these individuals are not valued and treated as equal people or residents of New York. All sorts of actions and inactions surrounding the lack of protecting people with disabilities have proven this discrimination and blatant unequal treatment to be true. To date, hardly any safety and abuse prevention measures are in place to protect our most vulnerable living in residential care, now why is that? It is because people with disabilities are being treated like African Americans were and sometimes still are treated, which is a disgrace and a huge black eye or stain for New York State.

In most cases, people in the residential care business under a fraudulent not for profit status are enriching themselves and are not providing safe care and services for their residents and they know it. The scheme and actual criminal conspiracy comes in because they have an agreement with the State in which the state will protect them in most cases when their residents are raped, harmed or killed in their care. The wrongfully named Justice Center abuse hotline operated under the authority of Governor Cuomo makes almost all crimes against the disabled disappear; they are covered-up internally. Most physical and sexual assault crimes, as well as criminally negligent homicides will never be reported to local police or ever criminally investigated. Anyone with a conscience would say, how could this possibly be? The answer is, that the love of money really is the root of all evil. If a person wants to enrich themselves and is well connected politically in New York State than using disabled people can make you very wealthy, that is until you are caught by the feds. It is important to end revealing this truth that will shock most people in society, in New York State, it costs anywhere from three to seven times the cost to care for a person with a disability then for an inmate in a State correctional facility. You would think people with disabilities would have the very best of care and services, but they do not, as witnessed by almost 8,000 calls to Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse hotline every month and 11-13 deaths every day.

Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
(518) 852-9377
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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